Preparing Your Data Center for a Power Outage

Preparing your data center for an unexpected power outage is vital in today’s fast paced world. When the power goes down, your clients depend on you to keep the data flowing smoothly and without disruption. When the winds rise and the monsoon season blows through the region, a backup power generator is your best defense against problems with the power grid that can ripple through your operations.

The Risks of Being Unprepared

Approximately 70% of data centers have experienced a major power loss that has resulted in the loss of customer data. When this happens, it erodes customer trust and businesses are unwilling to take the risk that it will happen again. In fact, of the data centers that lose customer data even once because of a power outage, nearly 60% close their doors within six months of the outage.

Protecting Your Data Center from Damage

Every data center needs to have a plan in place that protects them from a power outage. This means preparing for wind, rain, flooding, lightning, and other natural weather events that can turn the lights off.

Leveraging the cloud and investing in servers capable of withstanding fire, flood, and other disasters is a great place to start. While this will create backups for data and provides short-term protection against weather related events, it’s only a start.

In order to stay open for business, you will want to have a reliable standby generator on-site. Our portable power generators can provide anywhere from 20kW to 2000kW of power for your operations. They are ideally suited for emergency power generation and our technicians can set them up quickly and efficiently at your location. We can monitor these remotely, service them as needed, and provide all the fuel you need to stay open throughout the power outage. With our rental services, you don’t have to worry about power generation at all which means you can stay focused on keeping the data flowing for your clients.

Risk Assessment & Proper Protection

The team at GenTech can help you conduct a risk assessment and develop a plan to keep the power flowing in a power outage. Our technicians can help you identify which portable generators are best suited for your operational needs and the steps that are required to keep your servers and other systems operational until the power is restored.

We invite you to contact Gen-Tech Generator & Air Power Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about our services. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you develop a plan to protect your data center from the next power outage that hits the region.


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