Operating Your Generator Online with Remote Monitoring

Generators have come a long way since last century. These days you can access your controls online from a remote location, which can save your company from paying technicians to make unnecessary extra commutes. Here are key reasons that a generator remote monitoring system can improve savings, efficiency, and uptime for your business.

Maintenance and Safety Advantages

One of the most valuable aspects of generator remote monitoring is that it can alert technicians when your power equipment fails or has performance issues. By running software that has a constant diagnostic read from an offsite location, service technicians will know which tools and parts to bring for repair work or making adjustments. Here are some of the monitoring tasks they can perform from another location, whether it’s across town or anywhere else in the world:

  • start or stop the generator
  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • track historical electrical data for load analysis
  • check battery voltage, engine RPM and power output
  • monitor fuel and oil levels
  • avoid overheating by monitoring engine temperature
  • direct alarm notification through email or messaging

Saving Money, Time and Equipment

Since primary and backup generators are significant investments that are key to business continuity, it makes sense to preserve them in every way possible. Generator remote monitoring has allowed businesses to continue operating without the disruption of downtime. That alone has saved countless companies thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. It also saves a technician from using uptime traveling to the site if the issue can be corrected remotely. Additionally, it can protect your equipment from damage or theft.

When your standby generator is not in use, it’s helpful to run tests on it periodically. This form of proactive maintenance will keep you updated on its condition so that you will never have to worry about two out of commission generators at the same time. Many times when a generator fails to start it can be prevented through active monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Making sure your generators are always ready and functioning properly will also save you from the stress associated with power problems. Knowing that your power infrastructure is safe and reliable allows you to concentrate on other areas of business.


By staying informed on a generator’s condition even outside of regular business hours, you can keep it in top shape, which extends its durability. Contact us at Gen-Tech for more information about using generator remote monitoring in Arizona or Nevada. We’re available if you ever need 24/7 emergency support. We also offer Generac certification training as well as custom training.

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