Now’s the Time to Schedule Your Load Bank Tests

As demand for load bank testing services increases, many companies are having to push their testing schedule back simply because there aren’t enough technicians available to test their systems. That is why we strongly recommend scheduling load bank testing as soon as possible to help protect your system from damage and your operations from delays. Setting a firm date will ensure that EGSA certified technicians are available to perform the required tests within the appropriate timeframe.

Routine Testing Is Essential for Every Generator

Whether you use your generator daily or once a year, it’s essential to perform regular load bank testing. In fact, the less frequently you utilize many diesel generators, the more important testing is because infrequent use can cause significant deviations in performance and reliability. For most operators, load bank testing on non-mission critical generators should be performed monthly, with greater frequency for mission-critical systems.

Load bank testing creates minimal disruption to operations. When incorporated as part of scheduled downtime, there is no disruption at all. It’s a cost-effective investment of time and resources that provide an accurate assessment of system performance before an undetected fault can cause a disrupting failure. In fact, most operators will agree that regular load bank testing is far less expensive than the repair costs associated with a sudden failure.

From start to finish, load bank testing takes less than a few hours to complete. The NFPA-110 test takes just two hours. This test includes:

  • Operating the generator at 25% of unit rating for 30 minutes
  • Operating the generator at 50% of unit rating for 30 minutes
  • Operating the generator at 75% of unit rating for 60 minutes

Stick With the Best for Your Test

At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we guarantee that our EGSA certified technicians are the best in the industry. We carefully select each member of our team and adhere to strict quality standards while conducting load bank testing services. We utilize the latest technologies and testing procedures during the testing process.

Further, when you hire our team, we create a thorough record of the test results. This allows us to review the generator’s past performance during subsequent tests to determine trends and establish a better overall picture of your generator’s health and efficiency. This allows us to make tailored recommendations to improve efficiency, safety, reliability, and longevity. Over time, our testing services will reduce the number of required repairs, operational costs, maintenance costs, and replacement costs.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about our load bank testing services. It is our pleasure to schedule a service appointment at the earliest possible opportunity.

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