Mobile Generator Rental Keeps You Running in Emergencies

Tornadoes. Floods. Fires. Monsoons. They can happen at any time and they usually strike with little to no warning. When the power goes down, a mobile generator rental from Gen-Tech is the fastest way to get back up and running. Our trailer mounted generators give you the ability to run freezers, operate computers, and keep the lights on when emergencies strike. We make it possible for you to continue providing the support and services your clients and the members of your community depend on. It is our pleasure to provide a mobile generator rental that can help you weather the storms and natural disasters that can blow through the southwest region throughout the year.

Sizing Up the Situation Beforehand

It is essential that you know how much power you need when you contact us for an emergency power solution. This helps expedite the process and minimizes the duration that your critical systems are down and without power. Our generators are capable of delivering between 20kW and 2000kW of power for your operations.

Having a “good guess” is not as beneficial as having a reliable estimate of what you need. Too little power, and you will have to make a decision on which systems to operate and which to feather until the power grid comes up. Too much power, and you can damage your systems, the generator, and waste fuel. If you are not sure what size generator you might need in an emergency situation, we recommend you contact our technicians. We will be happy to help you establish a reliable estimate that you can place within your emergency action plan.

Mobile Generator Features

Our portable generators can be deployed 24/7. Our generators are fully compliant with all applicable safety and emissions standards. We offer generators that are containerized, skid mounted, and trailer mounted. Our generators feature dual voltage capabilities, auxiliary fuel tanks and/or trailer fuel tanks, reliable transformers/disconnects, and thousands of feet of power cables so that you will have no trouble supplying power throughout your site.

Support You Can Rely On

Our support services include set-up of the generator, on-site fueling, and on-site technical assistance. If desired, we can station a technician with the generator so that you can focus on your operations without having to worry about the generator. Throughout the term of the rental, we will provide refueling and maintenance services 24/7. Safety is our top priority and our licensed technicians will ensure that the set-up and operation of the generator complies with all safety regulations and requirements.

Contact Gen-Tech Generator and Air Power Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about our mobile generator rentals. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you identify the most effective solution for your power generation needs.

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