Microgrid Technology Is the Foundation for the Future of Medicine

Every task performed in a modern hospital depends on reliable power. Whether it’s a delicate surgical procedure, diagnostic test, virtual patient consultation, or life-saving intubation, the lights have to stay on, and the machines have to keep humming along. While standby power generators can keep a hospital running in an emergency, they are not an ideal long-term solution. That’s why many hospital administrators are turning an eager eye toward the development of microgrid technology.

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Healthcare providers are beginning to look favorably upon the EaaS model for their needs. This model makes it possible to purchase a customized energy plan that is compliant with all regulatory requirements. It’s cost-effective, reliable, and allows the healthcare facility to utilize their existing power generation equipment. If desired, many EaaS providers will also accommodate replacement as part of the package.

Another appealing benefit is that the EaaS provider is responsible for maintenance. This removes a considerable cost from the healthcare provider’s bottom line while protecting them from regulatory penalties.

Demand for Power Is Growing by the Day…and So Are the Risks

The recent blackouts throughout Texas are a harbinger of things that could very easily happen across the country. Over the past twenty years, healthcare providers in the United States have witnessed the devastation wrought by wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and winter storms.

Microgrid technology provides a shield against these hazards and the potential power outages they can cause. In an increasingly technologically driven society, the demand for power is growing by leaps and bounds. Smart technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other technological advances have the power to enhance and improve the performance of healthcare services. But, they will consume enormous amounts of power.

Microgrid technology can operate independently or as part of a central grid. This mitigates the potential for disruptions and improves the reliability of the power grid as a whole. When problems arise, they are isolated, and power can be rerouted throughout the grid.

It means that patients can rest easy in their beds in healthcare facilities knowing that the life-saving equipment they depend on will continue to function no matter how long or how extensive the disruption may be.

Gen-Tech Sells Power Generators Built for Microgrids

Reliability is the key to microgrid technology, and reliability starts with the integration of reliable power generation equipment. At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we offer numerous standby generators and diesel generators that you can integrate within your microgrid. It’s our pleasure to help you select the system that meets your healthcare facility’s power demands and the secure power supply you need for your patients’ health.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our team about the power generators we offer. We’ll answer your questions and help you identify the ideal system for your healthcare facility.

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