Microgrid Technology Gives Your Business a “Green” Light

Businesses depend on reliable power for their operations. It is the lifeblood that drives commerce forward. However, generating power comes at a cost that affects both the bottom line and the environment. Incorporating microgrid technology into your operations can reduce your operating expenses and protect your business from revenue losses when the power goes down. While most microgrids currently rely on fossil fuels for operations, technology is evolving rapidly. Modern systems make it possible to achieve these advantages with wind and solar technology, which helps protect the ecology in your community.

How Microgrids Function

Microgrids are connected to the larger power grid within your community. Coupled to the grid, the microgrid is designed to maintain the same voltage. When the grid stops functioning due to maintenance or damage, switches separate the microgrid so that it will function as a smaller, freestanding grid. In most cases, the switches are set to perform this process automatically.

The Advantages of Microgrid Technology

Microgrid technology is ideal for businesses and communities where reliable power is in short supply. It is designed to provide reliable power in areas where weather events and frequent blackouts or brownouts make it infeasible to rely upon on a traditional grid for steady power. Microgrids are scalable which means they can be used to supply power to a single business, a neighborhood, or an entire community.

Protecting the Environment, One Volt at a Time

Most microgrids currently rely on fossil fuels for their operation. However, 21st century microgrid technology is making it easier than ever for your company to go green. Advances in energy storage design are making it possible to utilize solar and wind power to power the microgrid.

Coordinated control makes it possible to store energy from multiple sources and discharge this energy through the system via the energy management system at a levelized rate. This allows you to make the most out of every volt your systems generate. This results in less wasted power and gives you the flexibility to incorporate solar and wind systems into your microgrid without fear that they will fail to meet your needs when power from the main grid is cut off.

The Future of Microgrids

The nation’s power infrastructure is close to reaching peak capacity. In some regions, existing grids simply can’t supply the power communities require. Microgrids bridge that gap by decentralizing, decarbonizing, and democratizing power. These “three d’s” make it possible for businesses to reduce their energy costs, protect their regional ecology, and replace centralized power with power they can control.

Microgrids provide an affordable and reliable alternative to centralized power supplies. As infrastructure ages and wears out, microgrid technology is standing by to ensure that businesses have all the power they need to deliver the consumables and services their customers depend upon.

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