Maximizing Fuel Efficiency for Your Backup Power Generation Systems

Fuel costs across the country continue to skyrocket. As fuel prices increase, it is eating up profits and causing many companies to delay planned projects or expansions. With fuel prices fluid and likely to climb higher, it’s crucial to take proactive steps now to ensure your backup power generation equipment operates as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, this is easy to do and worth the time and investment of resources required.

Get On Top of Maintenance

It is easy to fall behind on required generator maintenance. However, falling behind on servicing your power generation equipment can be a costly mistake that can cause damage to your system and significantly reduce system efficiency. Scheduling a service appointment with an EGSA certified generator technician can ensure your components are in good condition and that all connections are tight and secure. The end benefit is that your system will operate within manufacturer specifications and enjoy considerably greater fuel efficiency. Not only that, but you will save considerable amounts of time and money on long-term repairs and the cost of operation.

Clear Out the Carbon

Carbon deposits can build up within your engine. These carbon polymer deposits will clog up the injectors, valves, and pistons within diesel engines. In turn, your engine will require more fuel to provide the power your business depends on. Clearing out carbon requires chemical detergents, and in many cases, handwashing of these components. These steps depend on the generator, but it is usually fairly straightforward to complete the procedure.

Change the Oil

Like motor vehicle engines, oil changes are easy to overlook when it comes to your power generator. However, they are no less vital, and changing the oil will not only ensure that you have sufficient oil in the system, it will ensure that the oil coursing through your system is fresh and free of contaminants that can degrade performance and damage your engine and other components.

Cut Your Demands & Watch Loading

The more you use your generator, and the more systems you connect to your electrical network, the more fuel you will burn through. Thus, we recommend regularly assessing which systems are critical and unnecessary and adjusting your management of these systems. Turning lights off, idling equipment, and disconnecting rarely used machinery can considerably reduce fuel consumption.

Further, make sure your system is not overloaded or underloaded. In particular, underloading at less than 50% can prevent the engine from reaching the appropriate temperature, making it difficult for the backup power generator to operate efficiently.

We are happy to help you achieve the maximum fuel efficiency for your backup power generation equipment. We invite you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists to learn more about the steps we recommend to our clients. We are also happy to schedule a comprehensive system audit and perform the maintenance your system requires to deliver the fuel efficiency you desire.

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