Make These Mistakes and Your Fuel Tanks Can Run Dry

Fuel is the lifeblood of your power generation systems. Without it, they are idle paperweights with an expensive price tag. When it comes to fuel, you know that staying on top of fuel maintenance is critical. But, it is also vital to stay on top of your suppliers and their operations. If you don’t, you could find yourself in a situation where your supplier can’t deliver the fuel you need to keep your operations moving forward.

Be Careful of Single-Source Fuel Suppliers

Single-source fuel suppliers have a single source for the fuel they offer. If that source runs dry, you are the one whose business goes idle. It is best to select a fuel supplier that has a solid and stable network of fuel sources.

Don’t Buy Discount Fuel

Cheap fuel is penny-wise and pound-foolish to purchase. Yes, you may save a few bucks on the delivery, but you will end up with diminished performance and a whole host of maintenance issues down the road. Poor quality fuel is cheap for a reason and it is best to avoid it at all costs.

Don’t Neglect the Relationship

Your fuel supplier is just as important as the team that performs fuel maintenance throughout the year. The better your relationship with the fuel supplier, the more stable your fuel supply. It’s a good idea to check in with your supplier on a periodic basis to learn more about how their business is going, trends they see emerging, opportunities for future growth, etc. And, the stronger your relationship, the more you will be able to rely on your fuel supplier and be able to call on them in a pinch down the line.

Not Strategically Organizing Your Fuel Supply

When is it best to buy bulk fuel? What’s the price of bulk fuel today, and what was it last month? If you aren’t following the fuel market and just buy fuel when you need it, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to save money. The fuel markets are volatile, and surfing the ups and downs is a skill every generator operator should master.

Further, it is best to buy fuel in bulk. You will save money, and it minimizes disruption to your operations. In addition, when you establish a solid relationship with your fuel supplier, you will enjoy faster, more efficient service and considerable cost savings that you can reinvest toward growing your business.

Not Maintaining Your Tanks

Fuel maintenance alone won’t ensure you have the reliable fuel your power generation equipment requires. If you neglect the rust, leaks, water infiltration, mold growth, etc., within your tanks, no amount of fuel maintenance will protect your systems from damage. Always stay on top of your tanks so that they don’t leak or facilitate hazards that can degrade the quality of your fuel and damage your generator.

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