Level 1 Standby Generators

When it comes to the types of standby generators, none are more critical than Level 1 Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS). When these systems fail, they can cause loss of life or serious personal injuries. At Gen-Tech, our EGSA certified technicians understand the importance of your Level EPSS, and we strive to ensure your systems won’t fail when reliable power holds the line between life or death.

Our 3-Year Testing Services for Level 1 EPSS

The 3-year test is critical for the continued operation of your Level 1 EPSS. NFPA 110 requires healthcare facilities and other operators of Level 1 systems to test their system at least once during every 36-month period. While this is the minimum requirement, we strongly advise testing these systems with greater frequency.

NFPA 110 requires continuous testing based on the generator’s assigned class. This testing should not exceed four hours in most cases. During the test, our EGSA certified technicians will test the transfer switch function, breakers, and more. We will confirm that the unit supplies normal power and that all systems are operating within the manufacturer’s specifications for your generator system.

Most Level 1 EPSS are diesel-powered. As such, the minimum load for the test cannot be less than 30% of the nameplate rating. We record the kW rating and identify and record any issues we discover and whether we needed to apply a supplemental load to satisfy the 30% requirement.

Different types of standby generators have different exhaust profiles, load bank requirements, and other associated operating requirements. We will thoroughly test these and ensure that every feature and function within your system operates within the manufacturer’s specifications and satisfies all governing regulatory requirements.

Our Level 1 EPSS Testing includes the following tests and more based on the types of standby generators you operate:

  • Over crank
  • Overspeed
  • Engine temperature
  • Coolant levels
  • EPS supplying load
  • Battery voltage
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Remote emergency stop
  • Oil pressure
  • Control switch
  • Alarm contacts
  • Lamp tests

Documenting and Reviewing Your Testing Records

Thorough and accurate documentation is as critical as the services you provide to patients in your healthcare facility. Our team understands this, and we treat your generator testing records with the same respect and reverence that you apply to medical records. We ensure that all aspects of the testing are properly addressed and that any problems discovered are accounted for in the records.

During subsequent testing and repairs, we can reference your generator’s records to identify patterns and follow up on previous issues. Our attention to every detail ensures that you always have a complete and accurate picture of your generator’s operational and service history.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to schedule testing or service for your Level 1 EPSS. It is our pleasure to schedule our testing and repair services at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

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