Keep Your Greenhouse Thriving with Uninterruptible Power Supply

Hot weather and monsoon rains can wreak havoc on plants, even when they should be protected within your greenhouse. Installing a reliable power supply to keep every plant at the right temperature ensures that your inventory, and your profits, don’t wither away when the power goes out.

Can a Backup Generator Provide Sufficient Power to a Greenhouse?

Most greenhouses require fans, heating equipment, lights, and water pumps for operation. These systems can require significant power for operation. Thus, it is crucial for you to know precisely how much power your backup generator needs to deliver should you experience a power loss.

If you choose a generator with sufficient output, then you will have sufficient power for your needs. Choosing an underpowered generator will reduce efficiency and may lead to overloading. As a general rule of thumb, you can estimate that a generator will deliver 1,000 watts of capacity for every 2 1/2 horsepowers of engine capacity.

Where Is the Best Position for the Generator?

Whenever possible it is best to position the generator as close to the distribution panel as possible. The unit should be protected from the elements and the area should be well-ventilated. This helps improve operational efficiency and it makes it easier to maintain the unit.

Is a Backup Generator Worth the Investment?

Penny wise and pound foolish is no way to run a business. Backup generators represent a considerable investment. However, it is an investment that is often far less than inventory losses resulting from a power failure. It is not unheard of for greenhouse operators to recoup the costs of installation and maintenance after just one or two uses.

It may also be possible to reduce the overall cost of a generator through agreements with your local utility. Many will offer lower utility rates to greenhouse operators who can be isolated and cut off from the power supply during peak demand periods. You may also save significant sums on liability and crop insurance premiums if you install a generator that is sufficient for your needs.

What Emergency Services Does Gen-Tech Offer?

Every power supply can have hiccups and failures. Connections break, parts wear out, and cooling systems fail. Whatever the cause of the power disruption, our technicians are available 24/7 to deliver backup generators to your location. Most importantly, each of our technicians has the tools and training to get your generator up and running quickly and efficiently.

Our technicians are also capable of conducting repairs on your generator(s). Whatever the problem, we have already seen it and know the best way to conduct the repair so that power is restored. The rapid response of our team coupled with our reliable service means that your plants won’t even know the lights have gone out.

Contact Gen-Tech to learn how we can help you keep your greenhouse blooming and blossoming with an uninterruptible power supply. We can help you choose the ideal generator to meet your needs throughout the seasons.


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