It’s Summer Maintenance Time For Your Emergency Generator

Summer is right around the corner and now is the time to schedule summer maintenance for your emergency generator with our EGSA certified technicians. It’s best to do this before the temperatures start to rise to ensure your system is ready for the highs and lows of the season ahead and the unexpected situations that may arise.

Our summer emergency generator maintenance services include:

Fuel System Maintenance

We will inspect your fuel system from top to bottom. This includes inspecting your fuel storage tanks for signs of damage and water infiltration that can cause fuel to break down and damage your generator. We also inspect your fuel pumps, hoses, and fuel filters and will replace any damaged components we find.

Lubrication System Maintenance

Checking oil levels is only one aspect of lubrication system maintenance for your emergency generator. We will also inspect the quality of the oil, oil filters, oil pump, oil radiator, valves, and passages to ensure they are functioning properly and connected correctly.

Coolant System Maintenance

Low coolant levels can cause an unexpected shutdown of your emergency generator. It can also prevent the generator from starting if the controller senses coolant levels below acceptable limits. We’ll inspect the coolant mixture, coolant condition, radiator, thermostat, thermostat housing, cooling fan, hoses, water pump, and other components during our summer maintenance service.

Block Heater Maintenance

The block heater is essential for operation in conditions where ambient temperatures drop below 60°F. Without a properly functioning block heater, your emergency generator may not start or may cause excess emissions or increased wear and tear during genset operation. We’ll inspect and repair or replace any damaged rubber hoses, silicone-based hoses, thermostats, antifreeze or hard water problems, and more.

Battery & Alternator Maintenance

Proper battery function is essential for all power generation systems. We inspect batteries for signs of corrosion, leaks, and damaged connectors that can impede current flow. We’ll make sure all connections and cables are tight, the battery charger is functioning properly, windings are properly insulated and cleaned, and that the area is free of debris, water, and other factors that can cause damage.

Transfer Switch Maintenance

Transfer switch maintenance should be performed at least once per year. Many of our clients choose to incorporate this as part of their summer maintenance program. We will de-energize your system to test the transfer switch and test the system for function. Because this can result in disruption of your operations, we work closely with our clients to schedule transfer switch testing at the most convenient time.

Depend on Gen-Tech for the Highest Quality Maintenance

Our EGSA certified technicians adhere to the strictest standards. Whether we are performing regular maintenance or complex repairs, our up-to-date knowledge and commitment to excellence ensure your emergency generator system is ready to go when you need it most.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to schedule generator maintenance, generator installation, or generator repairs. It’s our pleasure to show you why companies throughout the country depend on us for their mobile power generation needs.

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