Is Your Switchgear Maintained?

Switchgear maintenance is vital for the safe and reliable operation of your industrial prime power systems. Proper maintenance ensures the system’s efficiency and helps guarantee that your generator systems will deliver the performance you require. Our generator technicians can service your switchgear as part of a regular maintenance program designed to optimize your system and alleviate the risk of system failure. Moreover, our services will extend your critical power generation systems’ operational lifetime and overall operating cost.

Choosing the Right Type of Maintenance

There are four overriding theories regarding switchgear maintenance. First, preventative maintenance is the best maintenance. Preventative maintenance on a predetermined maintenance schedule alleviates operational pressures and allows you to adjust operations around the task. This is closely aligned with risk-based maintenance, which allows you to perform preventative maintenance tasks based on known faults or deficiencies of a particular system. Risk-based maintenance makes it possible to service the system quickly and efficiently.

This feeds into the performance of maintenance based on the condition of the system. Condition-based maintenance involves analyzing the data from previous tests and maintenance services to determine whether any factors indicate the need for a particular service or component replacement.

Finally, there is corrective maintenance. Corrective maintenance aims to resolve known problems and restore the system to normal operation. This is the most costly, as it requires taking the system offline to perform the repair. It also means that you will have to wait until a generator technician can arrive with the appropriate tools and replacement components.

Gen-Tech Keeps Your Switchgear in Order!

Our EGSA certified generator technicians are masters at keeping your switchgear operational. We can service and maintain circuit breakers, contactors, switches, RMUs, and more. Our technicians have completed significant training to ensure that everything works precisely as designed, whether you have a primary air or gas-insulated system.

We recommend a thorough inspection of your switchgear at least once every year. This helps ensure that you stay on top of preventative switchgear maintenance and won’t need to schedule emergency corrective maintenance. We can also tailor our maintenance services and make adjustments to the schedule when your remote monitoring systems indicate a potential problem is brewing.

Our generator technicians perform a thorough examination of system components and the unit’s repair history during a maintenance visit. We’ll also assess whether the unit is operating within manufacturer specifications and that previous problems have been properly addressed. Most importantly, we’ll use a thermal imaging camera to search for problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to schedule switchgear maintenance on your industrial prime power systems. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and help you determine which type of maintenance is best suited for your needs.

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