Is Your Generator Shielded From A Cyberattack?

2022 started off so hopeful, but as the months have come and gone, the headlines have become more dire. In particular, the headlines coming out of Eastern Europe as Ukraine squares off against the might of the Russian military. As the weeks tick by, the risk of conflict becomes greater by the day. And, while Ukraine may be thousands of miles away, that doesn’t mean the United States and other countries won’t be affected. It is not far-fetched to say that any conflict would quickly spread into cyberspace; indeed, the Department of Homeland Security is actively warning about the risk to utility providers, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and other critical industries. The growing threat means that now is the time to ensure your business, and your generators are effectively shielded from the potential threats looming over the horizon.

2016 Was a Warning Shot; It Wasn’t the Last

In 2016, Ukraine’s power grid was targeted in a massive cyberattack that cut off power to nearly 230,000 people. In some cases, it took months for operators in targeted control centers to regain control over their computer systems and restore power to their clients. Since then, there have been thousands of subsequent attacks on the power grids in Ukraine and other countries. The entities doing this are well-financed, well-organized, and capable of launching the same attacks against utility providers and other entities in the US.

As conflict brews in Ukraine, global cyberattacks have increased dramatically. This may be the new normal, and businesses must heed current warnings from the Department of Homeland Security. Businesses that don’t will find themselves in the dark when the lights go out.

Actions To Take Today

Start by ensuring that any computer systems and software connected to your generator are updated with the latest virus and security patches. It is also good to make sure you have the latest firmware/software updates installed.

You will also want to require IT and individual employees to keep a close eye on their own computers, phones, and other devices. This includes monitoring these devices closely, reporting any suspicious activity to managers, etc. This is crucial, because hackers can gain access to servers and systems via employees’ vulnerable personal devices.

It is also a good idea to remind employees of security protocols and to have everyone change their passwords. This should be done regularly to protect accounts, servers, and other systems from intrusions.

Get Your Generator Ready

Make sure your generator is properly maintained and ready to go. If you are overdue for service, schedule it now. If you’re low on fuel, stock up. There is absolutely no need to panic over events in Europe, but there is every reason to be prepared and protected against potential cyberattacks and the disruptions they can cause.

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