Is Your Fuel Tank Clean?

Is the fuel tank connected to your diesel generator clean? Our generator technicians often find diesel generators that are spic and span on the outside but dirty and filthy on the inside. If your tank isn’t cleaned, it negatively impacts the quality of the fuel and can diminish the performance of your genset. And, if you think your filters will catch it all, think again. If your filters keep filling up, then no amount of additives or fuel polishing will resolve the problem. As a general rule, you should plan to thoroughly clean your diesel fuel tank every year and no less frequently than every two years. This is especially important if you run lower-quality diesel fuel through your power generation system.

Cleaning Your Tank

Start by burning the fuel down. Less fuel in the tank makes it easier to clean. Once the fuel is nearly empty, pump the tank out and run it through a fuel polisher. This will remove the water, sludge, and other debris from the bottom of the tank.

During the filtering process, add chemical cleaning agents, including fungicides, algaecides, and stabilizers, to the fuel tank. This will remove varnish and sludge from the walls of the tank and will prevent the growth of algae and fungi that can reduce fuel quality. In addition to filtering, it’s advisable to run the fuel through a fuel polisher. This will remove any water and sediment within the fuel.

If desired, it is possible to wash the inside of the tank with a pressure washing system. This involves degreasing the tank and applying a cleaning solution. Once sufficient time has elapsed for these agents to do their job, the tank can be sprayed and dried.

Fix Any Damage You Discover

Like bad fuel, a damaged tank can diminish fuel quality. It can also create a significant fire and explosion hazard. When you are cleaning your tank, carefully inspect it for signs of damage. Look closely for rust, punctures, and other indications that the tank’s integrity is compromised. If the damage cannot be safely and properly repaired, then it is strongly advised that you replace the tank with a suitable replacement. It would be best if you never attempted to continue the use of a deficient tank.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Generator Technicians

At Gen-Tech, our generator technicians are highly trained specialists who can filter your diesel fuel, polish your diesel fuel, and clean your diesel storage tanks. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that the process complies with manufacturer requirements and all applicable regulatory requirements. So when you hire our team, you can trust that we’ll make sure your tanks are clean as a whistle when we’re done.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to schedule service for your diesel power generation systems. It’s our pleasure to show you why we’re the leading generator service company in the country.

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