Hurricanes, Hornets, and Hard Times: Is Your Business Ready?

It seems like every week, there is a new headline to send shivers down the spines of business owners. Hurricanes along the Gulf Coast. Murder hornets in the Northeast. Wildfires throughout the West. And delivery problems nationwide. There’s no question that businesses have plenty of reasons to prepare themselves with a plan for backup power.

While the power grid is pretty stable, it is not immune to disruptions. Data centers, healthcare providers, retail shops, warehouses, and other facilities depend on a steady, reliable stream of power. Without it, coolers heat up, servers go down, and patients don’t get the treatment they require. When it comes to backup power, the following are the reasons we recommend every business have a system and plan in place.

Backup Power Preserves Security

Installing a standby backup power generator system helps keep the lights on. It makes it possible to protect inventory and secure facilities from intruders. When the standby generator is operational, firewalls stay up, cameras stay on, and security alarms stay armed.

Standby power systems also ensure that firewalls and other safeguards don’t come down when power disruptions occur. In an era when data is among the most valuable assets of any business, standby power is an invaluable asset that protects them all.

Backup Power Keeps Inventory Cold

Ice cream parlors, meat processing facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, and many other businesses depend on reliable power to keep their inventory cold. Standby generator systems ensure that if a power outage lasts for hours or days, the business won’t lose their inventory because the fridges and freezers aren’t working.

Clients Depend on Steady Power

Our 21st-century lifestyle means we are always on the move. While pandemics may put a dent in our travel plans, businesses are still moving forward. It’s a reminder that even when the power goes down, successful businesses are those that find a way to stay open because clients depend on continuity.

Backup Power Is a Hedge Against the Unexpected

It is rare for a power outage or disruption to be scheduled. Most occur out of the blue. Installing a backup power system gives businesses a hedge against unexpected power loss.

Standby Power Is Always at the Ready

Standby power systems are automatic. When there is a disruption to the power supply, these kick on and deliver a steady stream of power until the power outage is over. Standby systems stand guard over your business 24/7/365. Morning, noon, or night, you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected.

At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we offer a number of backup power systems that we recommend to businesses throughout the region. We encourage you to contact us at 800-625-8324. Our team is happy to help you choose the system that is ideally suited for your operational needs.

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