Is Renewable Diesel the Fuel of the Future?

Technology is changing fast, as are the ways we generate and utilize power. Whether it’s Tier 4 regulations, power outages, or pandemics, industries are evolving quickly to adopt new technologies and adjust their operations to meet future needs. Among the topics gaining traction is the use of renewable diesel fuel. This biofuel has the same chemical properties as petroleum diesel, but it is considerably more ecologically friendly. As the new administration gears up to go green, it is a safe bet that biodiesel is going to become a hot commodity.

Biodiesel Blends Are the Talk of the Town

Reliable power depends on reliable fuel. Over the years, biodiesel technology has made remarkable advances. While R100 is acceptable for use within most standby power generators, a better option is R20. This blend of 20% renewable diesel coupled with 80% petroleum diesel packs a punch that’s virtually indistinguishable from 100% petroleum diesel but has considerably fewer emissions that are well within the limits of Tier 4 regulations.

In fact, the Public Utilities Commission in California is openly encouraging utilities to operate their power generation equipment using biodiesel fuels. This public acknowledgment could very well prompt utility providers across the country to follow suit.

President Biden Makes the Environment a Top Priority

Climate change and cleaning up the environment are key priorities of the Biden administration. Rejoining the Paris Agreement and other early moves are clear indicators that Tier 4 regulations may be just the start of a cascade of regulations standby generator operators will need to contend with in the not-too-distant future. This will put added pressure on industries to find alternative fuel sources that generate lower emissions than current Tier 4 regulations require.

Demand Is Set To Spike

Consumption of biodiesel in the United States rose to 900 million gallons in 2019. Around 400 million gallons were produced in just five plants in the US, with the rest imported mostly from Asia.

As the pandemic subsides, demand for fuel is starting to rise. As Asian economies also seek to reduce air pollution, there are reasonable concerns that supply won’t meet demand.

However, the restricted supply is likely to be a short-term hiccup rather than a long-term headache. That is because President Biden’s “Clean Energy Revolution” seeks to inject $1.7 trillion USD into the development of renewable energy infrastructure and production capabilities. It is not inconceivable for the US to double, or even triple current production capabilities in the next few years.

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