Is Generator Load Bank Service Right For You?

Generator load bank service simulates the conditions under which a generator would be expected to work in order to test its output capability. This test validates a generator’s ability to work under specific conditions at maximum capability. It also uses a process known as wet stacking to remove any deposits caused by lightly loaded operations. Load bank testing is also performed on generators after repairs to confirm that the machine has returned to normal functioning.


Optimize Your Generator Usage with Gen-Tech

Over five decades ago, Gen-Tech pioneered the first backup generator for home use. In the intervening years, they have cemented their reputation as a leading provider of products and services in the home and industrial/commercial power solutions industry.

One of Gen-Tech’s key areas of specialization is building and customizing generators to meet their customers’ specific usage needs, as well as providing expert service on these products to keep them running smoothly. In short, Gen-Tech is a full-service provider, offering everything from generator rental to high-caliber technician training programs in generator installation, repairs, and servicing.


What is Generator Load Bank Service?

Load bank testing is a vital service offered by Gen-Tech. Gen-Tech offers load bank testing up to 2.5 Megawatts, and with every load step, they take care to accurately document facility personnel and code compliance. This includes details like kW output, percentage of load, time, coolant temperature, voltage and amp readings, oil pressure, and fuel pressure. Multiple load bank tests performed over time will reveal changes in performance and enable proactive repairs.

Depending on how you use your generator, you will want to work with your provider to determine a regular generator load bank schedule. Those who provide critical services, such as hospitals and fire stations, are held to specific regulations for load bank testing frequency and methods. Gen-Tech provides these services in the Glendale, Arizona; Las Vegas; and Tucson areas. All generator load bank service testing is performed by expert certified technicians.


Proactive Service

Along with their collaborations with critical service providers, Gen-Tech provides generator load bank service to any business as part of their Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement. Within these arrangements, generator load bank testing does not cause an interruption to normal operations unless absolutely necessary, and all testing is performed to assess optimum performance.


Contact Gen-Tech about load bank testing, and you will find the peace of mind that comes with knowing your generator will function as needed in unexpected or emergency circumstances.

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