Is Decentralized Energy in Your Future?

No business is an island. Indeed, without the partnerships, clients, and network you have established to build your business, your business wouldn’t be much of a business at all. Similarly, businesses around the country have relied on centralized power services for generations. But…there’s a hurricane brewing and it has the potential to create hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of decentralized energy islands throughout the country. The question isn’t whether it will happen; it already has. The real question is whether your business will proactively adapt, or wait until consequences force your hand.

What Is Decentralized Energy?

In short, decentralized energy is the use of independent Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s) built around onsite power generation systems and coupled with batteries to store excess energy. The energy that is generated is distributed through a localized power grid to member companies, homes, etc. Most decentralized systems are built around wind and solar systems due to their sustainability and the ready availability of the wind and sun required to generate electricity. Indeed, many, but not all, decentralized systems are built in areas where other fuel sources are scarce or cost-prohibitive to purchase.

Who Uses Decentralized Energy?

Businesses eager to take greater control over their energy resources join together to create a quasi utility provider. This decentralized utility provider’s sole purpose is to ensure that member companies within the localized community grid have the steady, reliable, clean energy they require. It’s simple, cost-effective, and helps shield community members against brownouts, blackouts, and rising energy prices.

Can Decentralized Energy Systems Be Established Anywhere?

Absolutely. While many systems are established in remote locations, it is entirely feasible to establish them within built-up areas. The primary difference between remote and urban locations is where the power generation systems are installed. In remote areas, they can be installed practically anywhere, whereas urban areas require more creative use of building roofs, parking lots, etc.

Is It Worth It For Your Business to Sail In a New Direction?

It can be. Properly managed, maintained, and upgraded, a decentralized system can save your business money over the long run. Most certainly, you are not the only business owner considering the option. And, it is highly likely you will find plenty of prospective peers in your region that are also considering the possibility of cutting ties with their utility providers. While there is a significant initial investment, the costs can be mitigated by the use of the optimal power generation source, selling unused power back to the grid, and the application of tax credits and incentives to offset the cost of establishing the decentralized grid.

The team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists can help you identify the ideal standby generator systems to incorporate within a decentralized energy arrangement. We invite you to contact our team at (800) 625-8324 for more information about the systems our EGSA certified technicians install, maintain, and repair.


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