Industries That Benefit from Having a Bi-Fuel Generator

A bi-fuel generator system is a cost-effective solution that delivers reliable power for a wide range of industries. These systems offer numerous benefits for hospitals, food processing facilities, telecom providers, data centers, and more. Because of the built-in fuel flexibility, bi-fuel generators ensure that the power never goes no matter what fuel flows through the system. This creates a reliable, stable supply of power for industries where going dark for even a moment can have disastrous consequences.

Industries That Require Power 100% of the Time

Hospitals and critical care facilities rely on dependable power. Without it, lifesaving equipment grinds to a halt. Food processors depend on continuous power for cold and frozen storage. When the power goes down, food spoils and profits plummet. Data centers require a constant stream of energy to keep data flowing through the servers and computer systems that facilitate everything from business to entertainment.

And, that is just a few of the industries that benefit. Others include oil and gas, education, forestry, telecom, and more. Worldwide, the diversity and the flexibility a bi-fuel generator brings to an operation is what is driving the increased demand for these systems.

Reliable Power That Never Runs Dry

Empty tanks are a leading cause of power generator failures. Because diesel tanks are limited in their capacity, it is necessary to keep the tanks full. This is fine most of the time, but when emergencies arise, or fuel shortages emerge, the generator’s run time is limited by the fuel tank’s capacity.

Conversely, a bi-fuel generator has virtually unlimited fuel because most systems are a diesel/natural gas combination. This makes it possible to connect the generator directly to the natural gas lines. Unless there is a problem with the lines, the fuel will never run dry, and the generator can operate indefinitely. This is a significant benefit when hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and other natural events create disruptions in the diesel fuel supply.

Converting Diesel Generators to Bi-Fuel Systems

Most bi-fuel generators are sold as fully integrated solutions. However, it is possible to convert an existing diesel generator into an operational bi-fuel generator system. At Gen-Tech, our generator technicians can install a new bi-fuel generator, or perform the desired conversion services. Converting your generator to a bi-fuel system is an investment that will create considerable long-term cost savings and operational flexibility.

Bi-Fuel Is Not Dual Fuel

These are two unique types of systems. Bi-fuel systems burn one fuel at a time, while dual fuel systems burn a mixture of two fuels. Dual fuel systems are effective, but more commonly chosen for their reduced emissions and greater fuel efficiency than for their ability to supply uninterrupted power.

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