Industrial Power Sales Support That Continues After the Deal Is Sealed

At Gen-Tech, our industrial power sales support doesn’t end after the contract is signed. We know that your power generation equipment is critical to your business’s future, and we will stand by you as the years fly by. It is our promise and pledge to our customers, and our commitment to our clients is the driving factor that allows our business to expand across the country.

Professional Maintenance Services You Can Trust

We know that our ability to serve our clients depends on the capabilities of our teams. That is why our EGSA certified technicians are carefully selected from the best of the best. We perform thorough evaluations of each candidate before we bring them on board. This ensures that we deliver superior solutions and quality, whether we perform annual load testing, battery assessments, test the UPS, conduct fuel maintenance, or other services.

Expert Advice Is a Phone Call Away

Day or night, our emergency generator technicians are on hand to take your call. 24/7/365, our hotline is staffed by EGSA certified technicians that can provide the immediate technical guidance you need to resolve issues with your generator set. We know generator systems inside and out and can troubleshoot issues over the phone or via remote access to your generator. When it’s impossible to resolve the problem over the phone, we will dispatch a technician to your location to inspect the generator and perform the necessary repairs.

Modernization Is Our Forte

Generator systems are precision crafted to deliver superior power generation performance. But that doesn’t mean that systems won’t evolve 1, 5, or 10 years from now. As new technologies are sure to become available, we work with our customers to modernize their systems to meet their evolving needs. So, whether regulations change, technologies improve, or operational needs evolve, we can modernize your generator set to deliver the results you require and the performance you desire.

We Are Eager To Train Your Teams

Our EGSA certified technicians can train your personnel so that they understand every inch of your power generation equipment. In addition, we will make sure they have the technical expertise required to troubleshoot problems, perform maintenance, conduct repairs, and more. Most importantly, we can customize our training programs to meet the needs of your industry. This allows us to deliver tailored education solutions, whether drilling for oil, building roads, managing a healthcare facility, or more.

Parts When You Need Them

Generators will age, and components will fail. When they do, you can depend on our fully-stocked inventory of replacement components. We maintain components for all the systems we sell and can promptly dispatch them to your location. This not only reduces downtime, it minimizes the costs associated with unexpected repairs.

We would love to tell you more about the sales support we offer clients, even after the initial deal is sealed. We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our industrial power sales team and discover our solutions for your industry.

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