How Your Business Can Benefit from Cogeneration

Utility prices are rising, and businesses across the country are searching for innovative solutions that will allow them to make the best use of their equipment and systems. Recycling used energy to produce new energy is an eco-friendly solution that can also create considerable savings. If your processes generate considerable heat, then using cogeneration systems to recapture that lost energy can help you boost savings on your operations.

Understanding Cogeneration Power Plants

Cogeneration systems use wasted heat, usually from manufacturing processes to simultaneously produce thermal and electrical energy. This can be used to heat a facility, or channeled via an alternator to transfer electricity to power machinery. The process is relatively simple. Cogeneration systems are constructed around either an engine, turbine, or fuel cell. As electricity is generated, it also creates considerable heat. Rather than releasing it, cogeneration systems capture this heat so that it can be used to heat boilers, buildings, etc.

The Benefits of Cogeneration Power Plants

Cogeneration power plants are efficient, often operating at up to 70% greater efficiency than alternative options. This type of system is well suited to manufacturing and industrial facilities, but can also be effectively deployed in greenhouses, hospitals, and educational institutions. It is sustainable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. Further, it is an eco-friendly solution that will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and reduce emissions from your facility. It will also give you considerable energy independence.

Is the Grass Really Greener?

Cogeneration is efficient and effective. However, there are factors that businesses need to consider before installing a cogeneration system. While efficient, it will only produce a positive benefit while machinery operates within estimated ranges. When production drops below estimates, the amount of captured energy will also decline. Thus, businesses should factor operational variances into their estimated savings.

Further, cogeneration systems do require a higher upfront installation cost. Depending on the size of the system, this cost can be significant. This should be carefully considered when estimating the long-term ROI.

Finally, the most controversial consideration is the primary fuel used by the system. If designed around biogas, then you can expect an eco-friendly operation. But, biogas isn’t always readily available. And, if the system is built around diesel or natural gas, then rising fuel prices can eat away at estimated savings.

The Bottom Line

Cogeneration systems are an ideal solution for many, but not all, businesses and entities. At Gen-Tech, our certified specialists can help you perform the calculations required to determine the estimated cost and extent of the benefits you can expect to receive. If it is the right choice for your needs, we can install, maintain, and repair your system so that you can enjoy year after year of reliable, efficient energy use.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our team about your power needs. We are always ready to help you find the ideal solutions for saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, and protecting your bottom line!

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