How To Keep Your Fuel From “Going Green”

It’s no secret that around the world, we are going green. And while it’s outstanding to incorporate green technologies, Tier 4 emission standards, and other measures around the work site, it’s not necessarily a good thing when your fuel decides it too wants to join the trend and “go green.” Indeed, when microbial growth begins to green up your tank, it can degrade fuel quality and potentially damage your generator system. So when microbes begin to take over your tank, prompt fuel maintenance is essential for preserving fuel integrity.

Understanding Microbial Growth in Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks

Microbial growth within diesel fuel storage tanks begins with the proliferation of fungal and bacterial colonies. These colonies consume the fuel as food, and since there is plenty of it, their population can multiply at a rapid rate. However, food isn’t the only substance required for population growth; as with almost all life, microbes require water to flourish. But, if it’s too cold ( < -40C), or too hot ( >104F), growth won’t occur. Thus, the final key to the equation is proper temperatures, diesel fuel, and a little bit of water. When these are present, your diesel fuel storage tanks will easily become home to slimy mats of microbial colonies.

Why it Matters

As microbial growth proliferates in your tanks, it will contaminate your fuel. This will cause poor efficiency and poor detergency. In addition, it can clog your fuel filters, diminish performance, and potentially damage your fuel pumps and other systems. When you consider the cost of fuel maintenance and weigh it against the cost of generator replacement, protecting your system from microbial growth is a wise financial decision.

Preventing Problems Before They Grow

Performing regular fuel maintenance and testing is the best way to prevent microbes from taking over your tanks. At Gen-Tech, we strongly recommend the use of our fuel monitoring programs and fuel maintenance services. We also advise clients to thoroughly inspect and test their fuel storage tanks for damage and signs of leaks. Combined, these steps will help protect the integrity of your fuel storage system and the reliability of the fuel your generators use to produce the power you need to keep your business moving forward.

How Effective Are Biocides?

Biocides are approved for use by the EPA and can be used to quickly eradicate microbial growth within your fuel storage tanks. These will not harm your diesel generator. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to apply biocides as a “band-aid” to shore up fuel quality every so often, it’s an indication that you have a fuel storage problem that you should address.

Do you have more questions about fuel maintenance for your generator system? Then, contact the experts at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, and we will be happy to assist you!

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