How to Decide Where to Rent a Generator?

How do you decide where to rent a generator for your business? What questions should you ask when determining which provider is best for your needs? At Gen-Tech, we do more than answer your questions; we deliver the support you can depend on. Our clients rely on the quality of our systems and the expertise of our EGSA certified technicians. That is why we are the region’s leading supplier of generator rentals for everything from healthcare facilities to oil and gas companies.

What Size Generator Is Required?

One of the first questions you will want to answer is the size of the generator system you need. Our EGSA certified technicians can help you calculate the required capacity. We help clients select generators that are appropriate for the environment, space, etc. This is critical to protect against fuel waste, wet stacking, etc.

What Equipment Is Included in the Rental?

Generators require more than just fuel to operate. You will want to verify that the rental includes all the components, cables, and accessories you will need for safe and efficient power generation and delivery. From cold-weather kits to spider boxes and cable ramps, you can ask our EGSA certified technicians about the specific components and accessories we recommend based on your operational environment and power generation needs.

Will the Rental Company Set Up, Maintain, and Remove the Generator?

It’s a mistake to assume that every generator rental company will set up, maintain, and remove the generator when the job is done. Always verify that the rental company will perform these critical tasks for you. At Gen-Tech, our EGSA certified technicians will ensure that the generator is delivered and set up correctly before operation. We will also train your staff in basic operations and maintenance and will provide full support throughout the rental. When the work is done, and it is time to wrap up operations, our technicians will break the system down, load it, and return it to our facilities.

Does the Rental Provider Offer 24-Hour Support?

Problems don’t happen on set schedules. It is imperative to confirm that the rental provider has certified technicians available to deliver support and perform repairs 24-hours a day, regardless of weather conditions, holidays, or other factors.

Who Supplies the Fuel?

Generator rentals don’t always include the fuel you will require for operation. When you rent your generator, confirm what fuel you will need, the estimated quantity, and who will supply the fuel for generator operation.

There are a hundred more questions to ask when the time comes to decide where to rent a generator. When you contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at 800-625-8324, our EGSA certified technicians will answer the questions you don’t know the answer to and the ones you haven’t thought of yet. It’s our pleasure to make sure that you have the right generator and reliable support no matter what job you need to perform, and no matter how challenging the conditions.

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