How Thermal Imaging Helps Protect Your Power Generator

Thermal imaging can detect problems within your power generator before they result in failures. Examining your generator with a thermal imaging system helps you plan your maintenance schedule and prevents costly failures that can lead to unplanned downtime. Easily conducted through the use of infrared guns, it is an efficient and easily applied solution that is as practical as it is cost-effective.

Thermal Imaging at a Glance

Thermal imaging can be conducted on the generator or power system as part of a regular maintenance program. It is used to test electrical connections, transfer switches, and other components for hot spots that could damage the components and lead to failures. The imaging process is non-invasive and can be conducted with minimal disruption to normal operations.

At the squeeze of the trigger on the imaging gun, images are delivered in real time that show a clear picture of what the eyes can’t see. These images can be saved within your computer to establish trends and help you analyze generator operation. This helps you forecast problems with the generator and track the effectiveness of maintenance and repairs.

Thermographic imaging cameras take a picture of infrared heat that is invisible to the eye. This makes it ideal for use regardless of weather and light conditions. It is not affected by fog, dust, smoke, or smog. It is fast and efficient and can be performed multiple times to confirm results. Calibration is quick and easy to achieve which means that it does not take long to prepare for and perform the necessary tests.

Effectiveness and Accuracy

Thermal imaging can reduce your overall maintenance and operational costs by as much as 40%. This makes it well-worth the investment of time and resources required to perform the imaging tests. It is an efficient and effective testing method that can help you identify problem areas within your generator and keep an accurate record of past performance issues.

Most importantly, it can help you predict problems you are likely to experience in the future. This information can be used to alter your maintenance schedule, adjust your operational schedule, or plan and prepare for generator replacement long before your unit has reached the end of its operational lifespan.

Gen-Tech Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging services help detect temperature variances within the system and at connection points. This increases reliability of the system and helps minimize the need for extensive and expensive repairs. Our testing program adheres to NFPA 70B testing standards which suggest the use of thermographic surveys at least once per year.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Generator and Air Power Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about thermal imaging. It is our pleasure to tell you more about the imaging services we offer and the benefits our testing services offer for our clients.

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