How Often to Change the Oil in Your Industrial Power Generator

Industrial power generators are nothing but giant paperweights if they are not filled with oil. Without oil, the engine will seize up and leave your operations in the dark and your equipment idle until the engine is replaced. At Gen-Tech, we have seen the damage a seized engine can cause, and we don’t want it to happen to you. It is a costly and entirely avoidable situation. To that end, the following are some times you most certainly want to check that your oil levels are right where they should be.

1. After Installation and During Break-in. 

A significant number of industrial power generators are shipped without oil in the system. Always confirm whether your new generator was shipped with oil or whether you need to add it after the installation is complete. At Gen-Tech, this is a standard check our EGSA certified technicians perform before turning the generator over to you.

Similarly, you will want to change the oil soon after the break-in process begins. During the break-in, debris and particulates can get swept into the oil stream and circulate through the engine. Changing the oil after the manufacturer’s specified number of hours for break-in can help protect the engine from damage.

2. After Any Major Malfunction

It may not seem connected, but many generator failures are the result of problems with the oil system. Power spikes and interruptions can occur when dirty oil prevents smooth operation of the motor. When malfunctions of any type occur, test the oil to see that it’s not filled with debris and inspect the filter to ensure it is properly filtering the oil.

3. After Significant Leaks

Your generator should shut off automatically if oil levels drop below safe operating levels, and this is often the first sign a major leak is present. For most industrial power generators, it is advisable to repair the leak and then change the oil to ensure that any contaminants that may have entered into the system are flushed out before resuming operations.

4. Following a Period of Heavy Generator Use

Whether you experience a spike in production, or because of significant problems with the power grid that forced you to rely on your generator more than usual, you should change the oil following periods of heavy use. This will help protect the engine and ensure smooth function as you transition back to normal operations.

5. At Manufacturer’s Recommended Intervals

Oil changes often get overlooked. However, they should be factored into your routine maintenance plan. Maintain accurate logs of your generator usage and don’t push it past the manufacturer’s recommendations. Not only is this unsafe, but it can void any warranties you have on your industrial power generator.

When you need an oil change for your industrial power generator, you can depend on the EGSA certified technicians at Gen-Tech to do the job to the highest standards. We invite you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 for more information about oil changes and our generator maintenance plans.

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