How Generator Thermal Imaging Protects Equipment and Saves Lives

Gen-Tech’s Power Generation Specialists use thermal imaging as a maintenance tool to ensure that equipment is functioning properly and eliminates potential risks that lead to equipment failures. Here’s a deeper look at thermal imaging and its benefits.

What Is Generator Thermal Imaging?

Thermography, also known as thermal imaging, is a branch of infrared imaging technology. It involves the use of cameras that take pictures of equipment components and detect images of radiation called thermograms. When an objective increases its emissions of radiation, it corresponds with a rise in temperature. Through a thermal imaging camera, you are able to see warm objects that stand out among a cooler environment without visible illumination.

Since a backup generator relies on a transfer switch that must function properly, it’s helpful to use thermal imaging, which ensures that the integrity of the electrical connections and components is in safe functional order:

  • fire protection
  • detection of temperature variances with components and electrical connections
  • capability for preventative maintenance to avoid equipment failure and time-consuming repairs
  • improved reliability and productivity

Faulty electrical connections will cause an emergency generator to fail. That’s why commercial facilities should perform thermographic testing with every annual inspection. This practice can also reduce emergency power systems downtime.

Importance of Heat Detection

Generator thermal imaging cameras allow generator operators to detect and measure infrared energy caused by degrading electrical connections. As a thermal image is displayed, it shows different colors that indicate differences in temperature.

Unchecked electrical connections can lead to serious equipment damage, fire, and cause unnecessary equipment downtime. Adding thermal imaging to your routine maintenance can detect potential problems with your electrical systems early and reduce downtime of your emergency system.


Thermal imaging is a process involving cameras that detect wiring and heating problems within machines such as generators, which is vital to preventing equipment failures and fire. Contact us at Gen-Tech to learn more about generator thermal imaging and other aspects of power generation.

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