How Backup Generator Maintenance Keeps You Safe

If your generator were to fail to start during a power outage, everything would come to a standstill as you sought emergency repair services. Fortunately, these kinds of emergencies can be avoided with periodic, scheduled backup generator maintenance services. Here are some questions you may find yourself asking as you consider adding generator service to your regular maintenance routine:

What Are the Benefits?

Planned backup generator maintenance lets experts diagnose and repair small problems so that they do not turn into issues that can stop your generator from working correctly during a power outage. Not only does this save you stress and time, it also saves you money. Early intervention and preventive maintenance keeps the cost of repairs low by minimizing the need for replacement parts or an entirely new generator.

What Does Backup Generator Maintenance Entail?

Gen-Tech offers various types of planned maintenance services to suit the specific needs of individual and business generator owners. These services can range from minor general inspection to rigorous checks, performed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Depending on your needs, your backup generator maintenance services may include any of the following:

  • General condition checks of the generator’s housing and its mechanical and electrical systems
  • Checks of the cooling system including the medium, pumps, pulleys, hoses, jacket water heater, and radiator
  • Checks of the lubrication system, including testing of oil levels, lines, and quality and opening of filters to check for debris
  • An air system check, with reviews of the air filter, piping, and housing
  • An inspection of the fuel transfer system, lines, tank, filter, governor and control linkage
  • A look at the exhaust system, including the exhaust manifold, piping, and silencer
  • An overheating sign inspection of the coupling and guards, the exciter system, and the main bearing condition
  • A look at the starting system, which includes recording of starting voltages and battery electrolyte levels
  • A complete control panel inspection, including a review of safety controls, panel meters and switches
  • A review of the main breaker and power cables
  • A visual and operational inspection of the transfer switch

What to Look For in a Backup Generator Maintenance Service

Whether you’re ensuring safety for an individual residence or for a business, expertise is the most important factor in determining who should service your backup generator. Gen-Tech blazed a new trail for being the number 1 service provider for preventive planned maintenance in the Power Generation Industry. Planned generator maintenance is just one of many services their expert teams offer in order to diagnose and repair any generator needs.

When it comes to your generator, it is always best to err on the side of caution. Contact Gen-Tech for backup generator maintenance service to ensure that your generator will run every time you need it.

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