Have You Kept Current With Recalls?

It’s easy to get busy doing the work you have to do. Unfortunately, it’s so easy that you may miss critical recalls that affect the safety and reliability of your generator systems. Over the years, standby generator manufacturers have discovered design flaws, manufacturing faults, and other defects that can harm users and leave their operations in the dark. When it comes to reliability, the team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists knows that the best way to ensure you don’t get caught off guard is to keep a watchful eye on product recalls. And, when they occur, to take prompt action when your system ends up on the recall list.

Start With the CPSC

The CPSC regularly publishes releases notifying consumers of current recalls. Signing up is a good idea because it allows you to receive notifications on everything from office equipment to heavy machinery that you may have on your job site. It is fast, simple, and free. Yes, it is one more piece of information to sort through, but it is worth investing a few minutes each week to read through it because the time you will invest in the task is far less expensive than the cost of workers’ compensation claims and lost productivity.

Register Your Generator

Always make sure your registration and contact information are up to date with the manufacturer. In addition, opt into company notices and newsletters. If a recall occurs, it is easier for the company to notify you that there is an issue and the steps you need to take to correct it. Often, this will include scheduling service with a technician qualified to perform the necessary repairs or component replacements.

Harness the Power of Google

Google alerts make it easy to track news and information about your generator systems and other equipment. Setting up Google Alerts takes just a few minutes and allows you to track recalls and other notices of interest to your business. The moment the information hits the web, it will be routed to your designated recipient(s), so they can review it and take action if necessary.

Don’t Ignore Recalls

Whether it is a small component or a major system feature, recalls should always be acted upon as soon as possible. This ensures system safety, and your first priority is to protect your employees from harm. Should something occur, proving you have complied with the recall can protect you from a lawsuit. Further, failure to comply with a recall can nullify any existing warranty coverage on the generator.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about the generator systems we service and our steps when a generator system is subject to a recall notice.    

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