Has Your Hospital Evaluated the Condition of Your Emergency Power Generation Systems?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can’t afford to lose power. Even a momentary disruption can result in loss of life. That’s why it is vital to stay on top of the maintenance and repairs that your emergency power generation systems require. Regulations require it, your patients depend on it, and you can depend on our EGSA-certified specialists to keep your systems in prime condition.

Identify & Update Required Capacity

You should maintain an up-to-date accounting of your critical systems and their power requirements, including:

  • Fire alarm and suppression systems
  • Hygiene systems
  • Environmental systems (HVAC and air purification)
  • Plumbing systems (including lift systems)
  • Life support systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Security systems
  • Diagnostic and radiology systems
  • Elevators
  • Operating room and critical care room systems
  • Computers, servers, and Wi-Fi systems connected to patient health records

We also strongly advise consideration of additional systems that are not considered critical but are nonetheless vital for the smooth operation of a hospital or healthcare facility. These include:

  • Morgues
  • Laboratories
  • Food preparation facilities
  • Pharmacies

Assessing the Condition of Your Emergency Generator

An EGSA-certified technician should evaluate the overall condition of your emergency power generation systems. Even the best-built generators can be susceptible to design, production capacity, and maintenance issues. The more you know about your generator’s flaws and overall condition, the better.

Because of the complexities inherent to emergency power generation systems, a trained technician should perform a thorough evaluation of your system. This includes examination and monitoring of fuel pumps, battery systems, indicators, exhaust systems, and other critical components. Close monitoring of these components is vital for correcting deficiencies before they become critical.

Take Action Now Before Failure Occurs

The Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical events continue to disrupt supply chains around the world. And, the power generation industry is not immune to the resulting supply shortages and delivery delays. We strongly recommend taking this into account and replacing any damaged or failing components before it becomes critical. This will help protect your system and will ensure that your emergency power generation systems won’t be offline when you need them most.

While this may require shifting your budget and maintenance plans, it’s an investment that’s worth every penny. Not only will it keep you ahead of the maintenance and repair curve, but it may also mean the difference between life and death for the patients who depend on steady, stable power while in your care.

Gen-Tech Is Ready To Help!

Our EGSA-certified technicians are always ready to help healthcare facility managers keep their systems up and running. We can perform the thorough maintenance and repairs modern power generation systems require. Further, we can help identify deficiencies and forecast future needs so that your facility is always ready to provide the services and care your patients depend on!

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to schedule a thorough inspection and assessment of your emergency power generation systems!

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