Grid Reliability Is a Growing Concern

Last year, 22 “billion-dollar” events in the United States were caused by weather and climate events. These cause significant damage to homes, businesses, and commerce. And, it is just the start. As weather patterns change and grid infrastructure ages, it is a safe bet that the worst is yet to come and power generation failures will become increasingly common. Right now, according to the Brattle Group, it is estimated that by 2030, it will cost nearly $2 trillion to maintain the power grids at levels sufficient for today’s power needs. Ten years from now, it is guaranteed that America’s power needs will far outpace current usage, and the capacity of the grids will most certainly buckle under the pressure.

Standby Generators Offer Businesses a Hedge Against Known Threats

Standby generators aren’t just for hospitals, healthcare providers, municipal governments, and universities. The reality is that everyone from the common man sitting at home to the mom & pop shop on the corner needs a reliable backup power supply. While many homeowners purchase small generators for their homes, precious few business owners invest in the equipment needed to keep the lights on when the grid goes down.

Installing a standby generator for your business protects you against power loss. Whether you operate a retail outlet, grocery store, convenience store, gas station, or office, a standby generator keeps your doors open when others are closed. It allows you to continue serving your customers and clients. And, it ensures that any sensitive equipment or inventory isn’t damaged by the loss of air conditioning or heating systems.

Microgrids Offer Added Security

Like beautiful flowers that inspire comfort and hope, microgrids are sprouting from coast to coast. These self-sufficient energy systems supply power to healthcare complexes, university campuses, office complexes, neighborhoods, and whole communities. Typically powered by solar or wind power, many of these microgrids now incorporate battery storage systems, EV charging stations, generators, and other features that ensure that the power stays on and daily life doesn’t skip a beat when the grid goes down.

Microgrids are local, independent, and smart. They are capable of efficiently managing the energy supply for the needs of users. Business owners, HOA’s, emergency responders, and university managers who invest in establishing or who join existing microgrids invest in a consistent and reliable power supply.

Gen-Tech Helps Clients Hedge Their Bets

At this point, it is not a question of whether future power generation failures will occur; it is only a question of how fast the trend will accelerate. Even with the $2.3 trillion President Biden requested for infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, and installations within the American Jobs Plan, a mere fraction of this money is dedicated to preparing the power grid for the needs of the future.

At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we’re helping businesses prepare themselves against future power failures. We encourage you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our EGSA certified team about standby generators, microgrids, and other solutions we recommend to ensure your lights stay on and your doors stay open.

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