Get Your Prime Power Generator from GenTech

Before buying a generator, it is important to first consider the purpose it will be used for. This will determine whether the best option would be standby power rated generators, continuous power generators, or prime power generators which have different generator drive engines.

America’s best prime power generators

Since it was started, Gen-Tech set out to pursue excellence. Over the years, the company has built a stellar reputation and has become the go-to company for sales, rentals, servicing, and part replacement for different suppliers and equipment. This includes compressors, mobile equipment, gas engines, and generators including prime power generators.

Standby Power Generators

These generators are used for emergency power. They are primarily used to keep the power going during an outage and are meant for short- term rather than long-term use.

Continuous Power Generators

These generators are used to supply power continuously at 100% load, but is not able to handle varying loads or overload situations.

Prime power generators

These generators are used where there is no access to public utility power. There are two types; those with indefinite running time and those with limited running time. Prime power generators are used in situations where the power supply is not available or where the power supply from a public utility is not adequate.

GenTech USA prime power generators

If you need a prime power generator, contact Gen-Tech. You will get one that will efficiently meet your needs and that you will get parts and service including emergency response if you need it.



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