Get to the Top of Your Game with an Industrial Generac Dealer

If you own or run an industrial enterprise, you know that power outages can cripple normal operations which can cause losses amounting to millions of dollars — and you don’t want to lose time and money waiting for generator repairs. If you are looking to install or upgrade your industrial generator, consult an industrial Generac dealer for quality you can trust. Generac has long been considered a top-tier provider of industrial generators, and their products offer many benefits, including:


Powering Industries Since 1959

Generac Industrial Power dates back to 1959. No other company can compete with their range of backup power products, which are tailored to suit today’s industrial needs. Their products include accessories, transfer switches, and generators that are made for commercial and industrial-sized applications. These generators adhere to the required megawatt capacities that vary from industry to industry, and an industrial Generac dealer will use their expertise to find the perfect model for your needs.

Not only is Generac is the trusted brand for state-of-the-art generator tools, they are also the leader in creating educational programs geared toward different industries. Generac provides some of the most innovative and flexible products, and their technicians receive extensive training that gives them an in-depth understanding of the industrial generators they install and maintain.


Staying at the Top

Generac Industrial Power is one the largest suppliers of power generation equipment in North America. Since its inception, the company focused on innovation and became the force to reckon with in the generator industry. For the last five decades, Generac has designed and manufactured generators that run on bi-fuel, diesel, or natural gas, and that can run alone or be paralleled to provide foolproof genset solutions. The company’s full range of products includes:

  • Gaseous generators
  • Diesel generators
  • Bi-fuel generators
  • Transfer switches and controllers
  • Mobile products including portable water trailers, light towers, heaters, and pumps.


Get to the Top of your Game

Generac Industrial Power is the trusted name for backup power needs in various industries, including;

  • Data centers
  • Healthcare
  • Municipal administration
  • Educational facilities
  • Manufacturing entities
  • Small businesses
  • Telecommunication
  • Emergency service providers


Finding an Industrial Generac Dealer in Your Area

Generac users appreciate that they have a world-class industrial distributor network available any time. Get to the top of your game by getting in touch with GenTech, a trusted industrial Generac dealer. It is an investment that will keep paying off as long as power back up is needed — and it will always be needed.

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