Get the Most Efficient Health Facilities Back Up Power

Health facilities back up power is vital for efficient operation, compliance with national guidelines, and disaster preparedness. Life-saving machines and critical medical equipment have to keep running in the event of power outage, and ensuring an uninterrupted power supply prepares your health care institution for risks like natural disasters.


The Way To Go

Most health facilities get back-up power from generators. There are different brands and models, but one has risen in reputation to stand head and shoulders over all others: Gen-Tech. Gen-Tech is the industry leader in domestic and industrial back up power, including health facilities back up power. They offer comprehensive services and specialize in sales, rental, servicing, and generator part replacement.


Gen-Tech’s Options for Health Facilities Back Up Power

Healthcare providers can choose from the following industrial power generators:

  • Industrial Prime 100kW-150kW: Gen-Tech generator systems can be configured to suit specific noise requirements. If a healthcare facility needs larger alternators, enclosures that are sound-attenuated, or other specific features, these needs can be accommodated to give the required performance, durability, and reliability. Diesel generators are also available.
  • Industrial Prime 175kW-300kW: Every generator set is built in a vertically-integrated environment which ensures the best possible quality. Each standalone generator set has a power range of between 10kW and 2,000kW. The option of paralleling capabilities with Modular Power Systems is available.
  • Industrial Prime 350kW-450kW: Generac provides proven diesel generators for any application. With the ability for custom configuration, every generator set can meet the specifications needed for the job. Each generator set is built from the ground up in a vertically-integrated environment. This manufacturing process helps ensure the highest standards with power from 10 kW to 2,000 kW standalone generator sets. Generac also offers the option of paralleling capabilities with its Modular Power Systems.
  • Industrial Prime 500kW: For healthcare facilities where power supply is critically important, Generac Bi-Fuel generator sets are ideal. The generators start on diesel and transfer fuel consumption to primarily natural gas which apart from ensuring reliability, is also cost-effective. Every unit comes with a factory warranty, product support, and factory certification.


Health Facilities Back Up Power Needs

Generac Bi-Fuel generator sets offer the advantages of both diesel and gaseous units. By starting on diesel and transferring fuel consumption primarily to natural gas, the costs of operating and maintaining the generator are lower. Due to the use of natural gas, the consumption of diesel decreases, which then increases run time. This also requires less diesel fuel on-site, which allows for smaller tanks and easier permits and meets the requirements for NEC700 and NFPA110. All units come with factory warranty and product support, and they are EPA and UL certified from the factory. Should the supply of natural gas cease, these generators are capable of running entirely on diesel fuel.

By relying on Gen-Tech products and services, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your health facilities back up power needs will be met by high quality generators and service providers.

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