Get the Best Mobile Generator Rental Rates and Service

While mobile generator rental is generally associated with disaster recovery, it can save the situation in other instances as well. Mobile generators can be rented for use during power concerts, festivals, and on construction sites. In homes, they are especially handy during power outages and storms when there is no telling when it will be restored.

Factors to Consider Before Going for a Mobile Generator Rental

Renting, rather than buying, a mobile generator can be very advantageous.  Here are some important factors to consider before renting one to ensure you rent the right generator;

  • The maximum load requirement

It’s important to get this right so you don’t rent a generator that gives too much or too little power. One that has less power than you need will not meet your needs and one that has more than you need will be a waste of money. Get the required maximum load right by adding up the maximum load for each item you need to power.  If you have questions about this process, the mobile generator rental company can guide you.

  • How long you will need to rent for

The rental company will need to know the approximate amount of time you plan on renting the generator. If you don’t have an exact time frame, you can give them an anticipated runtime. The time factor is taken into consideration in determining the cost of the generator rental.

  • Fuel type and costs

An addition expense to remember is in fueling and maintaining the rental mobile generator while in your possession. Consider the type of fuel that will be needed and the overall projected cost.

  • Related accessories

You’ll also need attachments, such as  breakers, connectors and cables. Think about  your  needs ahead of time so you don’t fall short on cable length or experience any other kind of inconvenience when you need power the most.

Mobile Rental Generator from the Best

If you are in the areas of Glendale, Tucson, or Las Vegas, your best rental generator company choice is  Gen-Tech is a generator and air power specialist company that has built a reputation for being the best and the go-to for sales, rentals, service, and parts for generators, compressors and gas engines.

Gen-Tech Mobile Rental Generator Services

Gen-Tech gives three portable power generator options;

1) 20kW to 240kW that can be placed behind a truck and left to run which they will quietly do on extended run time fuel tanks. These are best for domestic and light commercial use

2) 250kW to 450kW that have sound attenuated enclosures. They are ideal for commercial and industrial use with their 24-hour run time.

3) Parallel generators that provided increased stability which makes it ideal for commercial and industrial use.

Az GenTech Goes All Out

AZ GenTech goes the extra mile to provide comprehensive customer service. One extra  you will get is the piece of mind of knowing you  have a standby technician on request so  any problems that arise with your rented generator are immediately taken care of. This is part of the company’s 24-hour emergency service.

You also get refueling services so if you are in a remote location or far from the fuel for your generator, you can have the fuel delivered right to you. Scheduled or emergency fueling is delivered via four-wheel drive service truck fitted with auxiliary tanks.

Get the Best

Az Gen-Tech prides itself on the highest quality of products and services. Get in touch and get mobile generator rental services and unequaled customer service to go with it.


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