Get Standardized Generator Load Bank Service and Reports From GenTech

Generator load bank service enables examination and assessment of a generator to verify that all of a generator’s primary components are in good working condition. During testing, equipment is used to create artificial loads on a generator by bringing the engine to an maximum operating temperature and pressure level. Testing the engine with an artificial load ensures that it can handle an actual load and the generator will work as it is supposed to if the load is actually placed on it.

Most generators do not run at their full kW rating. The generator is tested at its maximum kilowatt (kW) output rating. This is done to be sure that it can produce maximum horsepower if such a load is placed on it. It is also important to verify that it can handle the load while maintaining the expected temperature and pressure levels. This verifies that a generator can run optimally for as long as required, including during long periods of power outage.

How often should you request load bank service

Ideally, generators should be tested periodically. It is particularly important that those that have not been used for some time are tested. The load on them may have increased since the last time a generator was used because new machines and equipment have been added.

GenTech load bank service

When you are searching for the highest rated generators, Gen-Tech  is a name you are sure to come across. Over the years, Gen-Tech  has risen to the top and built a stellar reputation as the leader of the pack when it comes to generators, compressors, gas machines, and more. Gen-Tech is also the name that customers have come to rely on for parts and service.

This includes generator resistive and reactive load bank service. The service may be required every three months, twice a year or every year, depending on use. It is a requirement of the National Fire Protection Association that facilities offering public and critical services such as fire stations, data centers, hospitals, and others that generator testing is done and it is done to their set standards.

Gen-Tech does testing in accordance with these standards which require that it is done to very specific methods and with written reports of the results. This adheres to EPA regulations which require testing of emissions from diesel-powered generators.

Load testing can be done up to 2.5 Megawatts  Testing is standard as contained in the company’s Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements. It is done without interrupting normal operations and  for no less than one hour and up to four hours consecutively. Afterward, a written report details specifics like voltage, frequency, engine oil pressure, coolant temperatures values, and voltage regulation.

Contact GenTech USA and schedule a load bank test service. It could make all the difference in ensuring that you have a generator that can handle the load you place on it for as long as you need it.



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