Get Reliable Emergency Generator Services from GenTech

Demand for emergency generator services has increased, especially among commercial clients like hotels, malls, offices, and stores. Often, these requests come during emergency circumstances, when repairs are urgently needed. In the wake of natural disasters, requests for emergency generator renting and installation increase even further.


Unmatched Emergency Generator Response

When the power goes out in your home or office, installing a generator to restore power becomes a matter of serious urgency. For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, as well as emergency service providers like police precincts and fire stations, generator usage is critically important. When a power outage impacts a community, emergency service providers want the problem to be sorted out right away — and the work fo experienced technicians is crucial.

Gen-Tech meets the needs of these clients with their reliable emergency response services. The company uses a 24/7 phone system to facilitate fast communication. At any point, at least three staff members are on high alert status, available to take emergency service calls. On-call field technicians always have service trucks with them so they can respond to emergencies as soon as possible. The service trucks have towing capability, a fuel tank with a capacity of 100 gallons, customized tooling, and spare parts for different kinds of generators. Service providers prioritize critical sites like hospitals to receive emergency generator repairs first.


Always Prepared

Gen-Tech is fully equipped to provide any emergency service you may need. Their facilities are equipped with a backup generator, which provides uninterrupted power, as well as a main fuel tank and several auxiliary tanks for refueling. Customers in remote areas, including construction and mining sites, can request refueling services as needed. They also have a large fleet of 20kW-2 Megawatt mobile generators, power cables, and portable transfer switches, and a semi-tractor, crane trucks, and fuel trucks always ready for dispatch.



With Gen-Tech emergency generator response services, certified technicians will diagnose and quickly resolve your problem. GenTech technicians have extensive experience in both theoretical and hands-on instruction with back-up emergency generator power systems.


Put Your Trust in Gen-Tech

If you want to ensure your emergency generator system can withstand any situation, put your trust in GenTech. You’ll have the very best emergency generator system and the peace of mind of knowing that effective help is just a call away, day or night. Contact Gen-Tech for the most reliable emergency generator installation and service.

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