Get Fast and Expert Generator Repair Service

You really appreciate your generator when it serves you during a power outage. Regular service will ensure it keeps running smoothly. However, even with regular maintenance you may need generator repair service.

The following are signs that repairs are needed;

  • Difficulty starting 

Your generator should start right away. If it’s an automatic, the switch from the public power grid to the generator should be smooth. If it’s a manual, the generator should also start as soon as you turn it on. If an automatic generator takes more than a few seconds to kick on or a manual one only starts after several tries, it would be wise to get it checked.

  • High fuel consumption

The quantity of fuel that your generator consumes should be constant. Expected fuel consumption is indicated in the manual. If consumption rises, there could be a problem. It may be that there are parts that are worn out or damaged. Getting it checked to find out which part has a problem and repairing it will prevent a situation where you have to replace more than one part or even the whole generator.

  • Varied power output

If you are using your generator to power the same devices and appliances, the output should be the same. If you are experiencing brownouts or if the power is flickering, there is a problem and it should be looked into.

  • On and off

If the generator starts without a problem, runs smoothly, and then goes off after a while, it needs to be checked. If it is not the fuel level that is low, there could be an electrical problem, the battery could be failing, and there could be lines that are blocked. The problem may also be overheating in which case the generator could be shutting itself down as a safety measure. In this case, there could be a problem with the coolant or there might be a leak.

The expert touch

While your manual could give you information about malfunctions and what could be causing them, it is best to leave repairs to an expert. You could make things worse while trying to do your own repairs. You could also seriously injure yourself such as with electric burns or shocks if the generator has an electric problem.

GenTech to the rescue

When you do research on reliable generators, parts and service, the name Gen-Tech will come up. Gen-Tech offers round the clock emergency response so you can get generator repair service whenever you need it. Your call for help will be responded to by accredited technicians who are always ready to respond fast.

They will soon be on site with service vehicles that are always loaded with tools, spare parts, towing capability and a 100-gallon fuel tank. That is exactly what you need to know when you need emergency generator repair service.

If your generator isn’t running as it should, contact Gen-Tech  for expert generator repair service at affordable rates. No one does it better or faster.


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