Get an Unbeaten Generator Sales Service and Warranty

When choosing a generator for your home or business, you will take the time to look into finding the one that will best serve your needs. You will look into different brands and models to find that one that has the features  you need including;

  • Automatic start that will automatically start your generator when the power goes off. Portable generators which are not automatic will typically have an electric switch.
  • Alternative fuel capacity where a generator can run not only on diesel but also natural gas.
  • A fuel gauge that you can look at and see how much fuel is left in the generator before it will need to be topped up when the power has been out for a long time.
  • Automatic low-oil shut-off that shuts off the generator automatically to prevent damage to the engine.
  • Several outlets that make it possible to make the best use of power from the generator by spreading the load. This is best saved for extended power outages.
  • A detachable console that connects to the generator and then can plug in appliances.

Generator sales service after installation

Once you have an idea of the generator you need, you will get in touch with your chosen supplier. They will make a visit to your home or premises to get the specifics like your power load and whether you want to back up the whole house or business or just the critical functions. This will help them determine the best model for you.

Before you go ahead with purchase and installation, there is another factor that you need to consider and that is after-sales services you will get. Like other machinery, your generator will need to be periodically serviced.  Machines sometimes fail to function.  When that happens, you need the assurance that your generator will be fixed as soon as possible.

Search and you will find

With the understanding that generator sales service is as important as choosing the right generator and having it installed, it is important that you choose a company that will provide reliable after sales service. Whether from friends, family or online, search and you will find that no one beats GenTech USA when it comes to service.

When it was started, the mission of Gen-Tech  was to pursue excellence and rise to the position of the leading supplier of new and used generators for sale and for rent and to become a leader in supplying parts and providing service for the same. The goal was accomplished and today, Gen-Tech  strives to maintain the position of industry leader when it comes to generators, compressors, gas engines, and mobile equipment.

When it comes to generator sales services, Gen-Tech leads the pack with scheduled servicing of generators as well as 24/7 emergency response when your generator does not run as it should. Load testing, thermal imaging, fuel testing, and remote monitoring are also available.

Choose Gen-Tech  and you choose not only the very best generators, but also unbeaten generator sales service wherever and whenever you need it. Get in touch and get the generator experience that makes customers consider Gen-Tech  the industry leader.


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