Generator Thermal Imaging Protects Your Investment

Industrial power generators cost a pretty penny to purchase and operate. They are a significant investment for any business. Our team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists utilizes generator thermal imaging to help our clients protect and preserve their generators so that they deliver reliable power.

Generator Thermal Imaging Is Non-Invasive

Thermal imaging doesn’t require taking a generator apart to identify problems. Components and connections can be inspected while the unit is in operation. It is a non-invasive process that makes it possible to quickly and efficiently identify problems, without the need to take the generator offline.

Generator thermal imaging can detect the following and more:

  • Phase Unbalance
  • Loose Electrical Connections
  • Deficient Equipment Operation
  • Inappropriate Active/Passive Load Balancing
  • Resistance Within Fuses and Switchgear
  • Temperature Variances in Components

When problems are discovered via generator thermal imaging, it allows operators to quickly and efficiently perform the necessary adjustments and repairs. Essentially, it takes the guesswork out of the maintenance equation. Once adjustments and corrections are completed, this leads to enhanced fire protection, more efficient operation, and longer operational lifespan.

Generator Thermal Imaging Delivers Data You Can Act On

Generator thermal imaging is one of the most cost-effective tests you can perform on your systems. It allows you to perform predictive maintenance that protects your capital investment. The data you collect allows you to see how your systems operate over time and creates a record that you can use to adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly.

This increases your generator systems’ energy-efficiency and reduces your long-term maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. The reality is that thermal imaging can identify any number of problems that are siphoning funds out of your business. With data from a thermal imaging inspection at your disposal, you can seal these leaks and pour the savings back into growing your business.

Thermography Makes Maintenance Easier

Several types of thermography can detect problems with your generator systems. These include Hygro-Thermographs, which record temperature and humidity readings on drums of graph paper. Infrared Thermometers utilize laser pointers and other sensors to create an accurate assessment of system operations. And, of course, handheld Infrared Thermal Cameras that operators merely need to point and shoot to generate a picture.

Combined, these tools create a comprehensive picture of your industrial power generator’s flaws and faults. The data thermography delivers the information you can act on to improve efficiency and prolong the operational lifespan of your systems. This makes generator thermal imaging and other tests a wise investment that goes a long way toward keeping your business moving forward.

At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, our generator thermal imaging teams provide a thorough assessment of your generator’s operations. We encourage you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 for more information about thermography and the ways it helps protect your generator systems.

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