Generator Thermal Imaging Detects Problems Before Failures Occur

Generator thermal imaging detects small problems before they can cause dramatic failures. At Gen-Tech, our EGSA certified technicians use the latest thermal imaging technologies and techniques to inspect individual components for potential hot spots. When we inspect your generator, you can rest assured we will identify potential problems before they lead to an operational shutdown.

Components We Inspect With Generator Thermal Imaging Systems

Generator thermal imaging detects abnormal heating patterns within the generator’s electrical systems. Infrared systems allow us to examine these patterns for signs of impending failure. This is a cost-effective, efficient, non-invasive, and reliable method of testing generator systems for proper operation.

Our thermal imaging tests allow us to identify contact problems before they can generate enough heat to cause a fire or explosion. We carefully examine switch contacts, connectors, circuits, fuses, and other components to ensure that they are properly connected and not overheating. Thermal imaging cameras and the signatures they capture can allow us to determine whether parts are undersized/oversized, failing, and more.

Thermal Imaging Allows You To Juggle Repairs

Some problems require immediate resolution, while others can be put off until replacement parts can arrive. Generator thermal imaging systems make it possible to juggle your repair schedule so that you don’t have to shut down the generator while you wait for technicians and components to arrive. However, extra care is essential when problems are detected—operating the generator “as normal” can be a costly mistake. Indeed, depending on the problem, you may want to reduce load and scale back production, construction, etc., until the issue is properly addressed and resolved by an EGSA certified technician.

Thermal Cameras Are Not X-Ray Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras can’t see through objects as x-ray machines can. Rather, generator thermal imaging systems capture surface temperatures and are incapable of seeing through cabinets, bus trays, and other obstructions. While it is possible to determine that temperatures are rising by pointing the camera at the cabinet, bus tray, etc., the only way to know for certain is to remove the obstruction and directly test the component.

Generator Thermal Imaging Is a Cost-Effective Investment

It’s easy to find a low-cost thermal imaging camera on the open market. There are many options available that cost less than $1,000. However, it’s one thing to buy the camera and something else to know how to use it properly. We strongly recommend that only EGSA certified technicians perform this task. It’s the best way to ensure that critical failures don’t go undetected.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists for more information about our generator thermal imaging services. It is our pleasure to tell you more about the tests we perform and the steps we take to ensure your generator systems don’t suffer critical component failures.

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