Generator Sales Service for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the community. When the power goes down, or natural disasters strike, people depend on small business owners to deliver the goods and services that keep the town going. The generator sales service team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists can help your small business select the right standby generator for your needs so that you don’t miss a beat when your clients and customers call upon you.

Advantages of a Standby Generator

Standby generators are ideal for keeping critical systems operational during brownouts and blackouts. Whether the disruption is caused by weather conditions, forest fires, hurricanes, floods, or construction, a standby generator can keep your doors open until the power grid is restored.

Standby generators can keep your industrial refrigerators and freezers cool and stable. Similarly, standby generators can supply power to air conditioning and heating systems so that your facility stays within comfortable temperatures. When it comes to protecting inventory from spoilage and preserving your bottom line, a standby generator is just as valuable as your most valuable employee.

A generator will also ensure that your cameras, security systems, and lighting remain operational throughout the duration of the power outage. This vital task ensures that your storefront, office, warehouse, or other facility stays locked down tight.

Installing a standby generator also ensures that your electronic equipment and digital records aren’t damaged or destroyed by power surges and disruptions to the power grid. This saves you considerable time, effort, and expense, trying to restore those records and replace damaged electronics.

Choosing the Right Generator

There are a wide range of power generation solutions available for small business owners. Our team can help you determine whether a diesel generator or natural gas generator is best for your needs. Our sales team can help you determine whether a fixed or portable unit would be most effective. We will also help you determine the best place to install and secure your generator. No question is too unique, and no problem too complex for our sales team to help you solve.

Maintaining Your Generator System

One of the most common concerns of small business owners is the need to correctly maintain their generator systems once they are installed. That’s not a problem when you purchase your standby generator from Gen-Tech. We offer numerous maintenance plans and options that we can tailor to meet your needs. Our EGSA certified technicians can ensure that your generator and fuel systems are secure, safe, warranty compliant, and ready to deliver the power you need when the power grid goes down.

Contact the generator sales service team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists by sending us a message, or by phone at our offices in Glendale, Tucson, Las Vegas, Denver, or Albuquerque. Our team will answer your questions and help you determine the most appropriate system for your needs.

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