Generator Safety 101

After a natural disaster like an earthquake, storm, or flood, it can take days to restore a normal power supply. A backup generator is vital in these situations, but it can pose hazards if not used correctly. Embracing generator safety guidelines is key to making sure your backup power solutions not only run perfectly under stressful circumstances but also avoid causing further problems such as carbon monoxide exhaust, electrocution, and fire.


Generator Safety Guidelines

Accident prevention is the foundation of generator safety guidelines. Keeping your generator dry is key to avoiding electrocution accidents. Your generator should be placed on a dry surface, located under an open structure like a canopy. Make sure that your structure is firmly held together and that you do not touch your generator with wet hands.

When you are doing using your generator, be sure to turn it off and let it cool before beginning any refueling. Spilling gas on hot engine parts can cause a fire. Also, be sure to adhere to safety guidelines for fuel handling. Only use the type of fuel that is labeled as correct for your generator model, and store it in an approved safety can. Never store fuel near a fuel-burning appliance such as a natural gas water heater. Keep in mind that local laws may regulate how much fuel you can store and where you should store it.

Another important generator safety precaution is to plug appliances directly into your generator. Never engage in backfeeding, a process in which you try to power your house by plugging a generator into a wall outlet. You can use a heavy-duty extension cord with a grounding pin, three-prong plug, and outdoor-use rating — but only if its watts and amps ratings are equal to the total of connected appliance loads. Be sure the cord does not have any cuts or tears.

Ensure Safety with Gen-Tech

Gen-Tech is committed to helping their customers ensure generator safety. With a guarantee of quality, rigorous technician training programs, and 24/7 emergency service, Gen-Tech’s team is dedicated to making sure your generator runs safely and efficiently under any circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns about generator safety for your home, commercial, or industrial needs, contact Gen-Tech. With products and services that are unparalleled not only in their quality but also in their dedication to generator safety, Gen-Tech can provide the guidance you need to ensure your generator runs safely in unexpected circumstances.

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