Generator Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Generator sets are a significant capital investment that your business depends upon. When they go down, production grinds to a halt and stays idle until a repair technician can perform a generator repair in Arizona. It is not a position any business wants to endure, and often generator sets go down because of entirely avoidable errors. When it comes to power generation equipment, the following are mistakes you don’t want to make.

Ignoring Regular Maintenance

Generators are complex machines that require a considerable amount of routine maintenance. Neglecting manufacturer guidelines and minor problems that emerge can result in system failure. Thus, it is best to consider guidelines as mandates and not to put off repairing small problems before they cause major headaches.

Ignoring Oil and Lubrication Levels

Diesel generators need an oil change every 50-500 hours of operation. It varies depending on unit size, environment, usage, etc. Similarly, internal components require regular lubrication. Failure to change the oil and ensure everything is properly lubricated is one of the most common mistakes that result in the need for repairs.

Not Vetting the Technician

Your generator provides the critical power your machines require. Maintaining and repairing it requires specific skills and advanced knowledge. Performing repairs without the appropriate knowledge, skills, and tools can damage the generator and potentially put the health and safety of your employers at risk. Never repair your generator yourself, and always verify that the technicians you hire to perform the required tasks are properly trained and have a reputation you can rely on.

Using Substandard Fuel

Cheap gas causes costly damage. It’s that simple. Low-quality fuel costs less than premium options, but it causes long-term problems that can easily exceed the pennies you save for every gallon you consume. Poor quality fuel can clog injectors, result in microorganism growth, and diminish output. When purchasing fuel, don’t go with the lowest bid; go with the bid that won’t shorten the lifespan of your precious equipment.

Not Tracking Your Needs

You should know down to the gallon how much fuel you anticipate using, and what tasks you are planning to perform. This ensures adequate fuel supply and generator capacity. When you don’t know your needs, you risk wasting fuel, wet stacking, and other costly mistakes. If you are not closely tracking your current and future needs, you are throwing money into the wind.

Gen-Tech Helps You Avoid Mistakes

At Gen-Tech, we are selective in choosing technicians to join our team. We ensure that our technicians have a firm and broad knowledge of power generation principles. This includes up-to-date knowledge of applicable regulations, generator technology, and repair techniques. We also maintain a comprehensive inventory of components so that we can perform the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently so that your generators can get back to work.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about generator repair in Arizona. Our technicians will answer your questions and schedule a service call to inspect and repair your power generation systems.

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