Generator Load Bank Service is an Investment in Reliability

Losing power can cause your whole operation to lose momentum. When your generator goes down, so too do your lights, equipment, and capabilities. Our generator load bank service at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists keeps your power generation systems operating at their peak performance levels. It is an investment of time and resources that are worth every penny on your bottom line.

The Invaluable Rewards of Generator Load Bank Testing

Generators are expensive investments. Many go for long periods where they sit idle waiting for an emergency or for increased power needs within your operations. Hiring a generator load bank service to test your system ensures that it will deliver the kilowatt rating on the nameplate when you need the generator to perform.

Whether you need a load bank test every month, or every year, the data our testing services provides help you track the health of your generator over time. This allows you to streamline operations, adjust maintenance schedules, and more.

Generator Load Bank Testing Delivers Detailed Data

An EGSA certified technician can gather a wide range of data during a generator load bank service appointment. Within the two to six hours it takes to complete the test, your technician will put your generator through its paces and will record critical data, including:

  • Oil and fuel pressure
  • Critical generator operating parameters
  • Amperage
  • Voltage
  • kW output
  • Operating temperatures
  • And more!

Generator load bank testing ensures that your generator will deliver optimal power for your critical machines and equipment. It ensures that your alternator, battery, and other components are fully functional and can perform under the generator’s loads.

Load Bank Testing Delivers Bonus Benefits

Scheduling generator load bank testing services does more than confirm system reliability. It also improves system efficiency. The testing process helps clean your system and will remove deposits from the pistons, remove castings, and clear the exhaust. This clearing of the system will reduce fuel usage, protect the generator from wear and tear, wet stacking, and enhance your generator’s operational reliability.

Gen-Tech Adheres To NFPA 110 and JCAHO Standards

Our EGSA certified technicians adhere to diesel generator load bank testing standards established within NFPA 110 and JCAHO Testing Standards. We conduct each test with the strictest attention to every detail. When the test is finished, we will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations for any service the generator requires. We maintain a fleet of portable load banks in various sizes, allowing us to test generators of all sizes and for all required generator load bank testing parameters.

The Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists team is proud to be the region’s premier generator load bank service. When you want reliable service that you can depend on for your operations, contact us at (800) 625-8324. It is our pleasure to schedule a generator load bank test at the earliest possible opportunity.

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