Generating Power to Produce Profits

Cryptocurrency mining can be a very profitable business. But, your business will go nowhere quickly without the steady, reliable stream of power required to keep your mining rigs up and running. While the math and the reasons people are turning to cryptocurrencies are complex, the solution is simple and starts with ensuring your high-powered servers are fully powered no matter what happens with the power grid.

Calculating Your Power Needs

The larger your mining rig, the more hashes you can perform, and the more profit you can produce. But, the larger your rig, and the more calculations you perform, the more complex the equations become and the more power you will need to keep your computers churning through blocks of data. And, the more power you’ll need to keep those servers cool and comfortable so they can produce coins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Indeed, many cryptocurrency mining operations maintain a delicate balance between how much they can produce and how much power they need to consume within their facility. If that balance isn’t maintained, the result is simple;¬†computers overheat and systems stop operating.

At Gen-Tech, our power generation specialists can help ensure you have the standby generator solutions required to keep your cryptocurrency mining rigs powered up and producing. We will help you perform a thorough load calculation based on your current needs, and we can help you determine the best way to scale up your system to meet future requirements as you achieve your mining objectives and goals for expansion.

Redundant Isn’t Bad (It’s Essential!)

Everyone is worried about being made redundant by technology. And, the push toward efficiency and cost-effective operations in recent decades means many businesses operate within tight margins that leave little room for error and precious little room for redundancy within designs. Even so, when it comes to the modern economy one thing remains constant; the growing need for steady, reliable power. In this regard, there is no such thing as too much redundancy. Indeed it’s essential for maintaining uptime and production. In an era when blackouts and brownouts are increasingly common, every mining rig needs the reliability of a backup generator to support it.

At Gen-Tech, we work closely with cryptocurrency mining operations to ensure they have the proper diesel, natural gas, or bi-fuel generators required for their needs and are ideally suited for their location based on serviceability and fuel availability. We can help integrate power generation equipment into microgrids, perform required maintenance, and ensure that the system is scalable to meet future needs.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about the power generation systems we offer and recommend for cryptocurrency mining operations in the United States. We’re happy to help you find smart power generation solutions so that your computers can keep finding the profitable solutions your business depends on.

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