Generac Power Systems Launches HomeLink Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switch

Generac Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of backup power generators, announced today it has expanded its residential transfer switch product line with the addition of the HomeLink Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switch.

With one push of a button, this versatile, innovative transfer switch allows homeowners to easily harness the power of their portable generator to power hard-wired circuits in their home. And when homeowners decide to upgrade to an automatic home backup generator, HomeLink is designed so electricians can simply change out the subpanel, conveniently preparing the prewired switch for an automatic home generator to back up essential circuits (max 11 kW). This saves homeowners money because all the circuits have already been wired.

“This is a great product for homeowners because it provides an affordable and safe solution for backup power with a portable generator,” said Brian Sell, senior product manager, Generac Power Systems. “Another benefit is the versatility it offers to upgrade to a Generac automatic home backup generator later.”

As with other Generac transfer switches, HomeLink is a prewired electrical device that is installed next to a home’s utility panel. During an outage, it allows a backup generator to deliver power to hard-wired appliances, such as a furnace, refrigerator or well pump. Power indicator lights show homeowners when they have utility power or generator power.

Customers can choose from three different models. All include eight circuits, but can hold a maximum of 10. Each switch comes standard with a five-year, limited warranty.

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