Gen-Tech’s Dedication to Emergency Response

Moments matter in an emergency. Heavy storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters can bring an entire community to a standstill. Without power, life-preserving machines are useless hunks of metal, plastic, and glass. Without power, computers, radios, and GPS systems emergency responders depend upon are worthless. It is for these and many other reasons that restoring power is Gen-Tech’s top priority when disaster strikes.

Power Wherever It’s Needed

We offer portable generators that are lightweight and portable. Each generator can be set up anywhere you may need them. You can position portable generators in a forest, in a field, or in a parking lot in the center of town. This gives you the flexibility to choose a location near the affected area. As the emergency evolves, portable generators are easy to reposition. This means that a reliable power supply is never far from your first responders. This makes it possible for them to conduct the life-saving work your community depends upon.

Staying Prepared for the Worst

We are ready for the worst at Gen-Tech. Our teams have considered the potential threats to the region and taken steps to ensure that we are ready to respond no matter what comes our way. We can respond to floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more.

We have identified the best possible routes to reach area communities in the event of road closures or bridge outages. It is our guarantee that every piece of equipment we have available will be ready for immediate deployment to the scene of the emergency.

We review previous disasters. We prepare reliable equipment. But, these are only part of our emergency response plans. Our most valuable assets in an emergency situation are the trained professionals that our clients depend on. Gen-Tech maintains a team of no less than three employees on high alert status at all times.

These individuals are trained in emergency response procedures and have the authority to initiate action 24/7. These key employees are backed up by our on-call field technicians who are available for deployment within moments of your call. During an emergency, our technicians arrive ready to go. Further, the service trucks carry all the fuel, tools, maintenance equipment, and spare parts our technicians require to position and keep the generators operational.

Priority in an Emergency

Gen-Tech prioritizes our dispatch when responding to an emergency situation. Our first priority is to ensure that hospitals, fire/police stations, communication sites, and emergency command posts have the life-saving power needed to function. To this end, we can supply everything from 20kW generators to 2 Megawatt mobile generators. We also deliver the power cables, portable transfer switches, and other equipment required.

We make sure you have power you can depend on when people are depending on you. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the steps we take to ensure an effective emergency response when lives and property are on the line.


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