The Types of Standby Generators to Fit Your Needs

There are many types of standby generators to choose from, and it is not a simple task to pick the one that is ideally suited for your needs. When sorting and sifting through your options, we recommend taking the following under consideration before making a decision:

Consider the Brand 

There are dozens of generator manufacturers around the world, and they are not created equal. Some have reputations for high-quality workmanship and reliable operation, while others are known for their low-price points and questionable components. Pay close attention to the brand’s reputation with current and former clients.

Consider Servicing

Always make sure that the types of standby generators that make your shortlist are built for easy servicing. All generators require regular maintenance and should be equipped with durable exterior shells that provide easy access to components.

Further, you want to confirm that there are EGSA certified technicians in the vicinity that can service your standby generator. This is vital because it takes specialized training and experience to maintain modern standby generator systems properly.

Consider Site-Prep

What construction will be required for the new standby generator? How long will it take to prepare the site for installation? Some generators are easy to install, while others require extensive construction and renovation. Knowing what you can expect with each of your options can help you narrow down your search.

Consider Ease of Operation

It’s important to select a standby generator that’s easy to use and operate. Are the controllers easy to reach? How easy is it to program the system? Are controls intuitive and user friendly? How easy is it to control the standby generator remotely? Make sure you know the answers to these questions because it can save you considerable time and frustration down the road.

Consider Regulatory Compliance 

Always verify that the standby generator you want to install complies with all area building codes and environmental regulations. You will also need to consider whether you need to comply with additional regulations for fuel storage, fire protection, sound dampening, etc.

Consider Warranty Coverage

The longer and more comprehensive the warranty, the better the quality of the standby generator. It is a good rule to follow and saves our clients considerable sums of money over the years. If the manufacturer’s standard warranty looks paper-thin, it will provide paper-thin protection when parts start to fail (and they will, sooner than you think.) They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a product by the warranty book it comes with.

The EGSA certified technicians at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists are happy to help you find the best-suited standby generator for your operations. Whether you want gas, diesel, or dual fuel, we can help you choose the right system for your needs. Contact us at (800) 625-8324, and our team will answer your questions and tell you more about the standby generators we recommend for clients in your specific industry.

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