Gen-Tech Offers Back Up Power for Your Health Facilities

Hospitals and communities across the country are working quickly to expand their capacity as COVID-19 infections soar. At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we understand the critical importance of reliable mobile power generation systems during these difficult times. It is our pleasure to offer our services and NFPA 110 compliant generators so that your health facilities have the backup power you need to save lives and protect your community.

High-Tech Equipment Requires Reliable Power

Respirators, computers, lighting systems, and other high-tech equipment require reliable, uninterrupted power to perform their lifesaving role in your healthcare facility. We understand that your health facilities’ backup power systems must operate flawlessly. Our fleet of mobile generators is ready to go at a moment’s notice. We perform regular maintenance and service on our systems, and we are confident they will perform as required when we deliver them for your use.

Estimating Your Needs

Too much power and you are wasting fuel. Too little power and your systems won’t deliver the life-supporting functions your patients need. Our EGSA certified technicians can calculate the best-sized generator for your needs. When you contact us to secure a mobile generator rental, we can estimate the total output required based on the quantities and types of systems you plan to connect.

We understand that at this time, it is difficult to impossible to accurately estimate your future needs as the pandemic unfolds. With good fortune, you won’t need additional generators. However, if the worst comes to pass, and you need more power, we are prepared to assist your healthcare operations. We can deliver additional generators and systems that you can parallel so that your lights don’t flicker and your systems don’t falter and fail.

Training and Compliance With NFPA, State, and Federal Regulations

It is our pleasure to train your personnel on using and performing basic maintenance on your mobile generator systems. We’ll make sure your teams know how to perform the basic tasks required to keep your mobile generator humming along.

Our team will provide you with the necessary documentation required to confirm compliance with all state and federal regulatory requirements. This helps protect your facility against fines, penalties, and lawsuits.

You Can Depend on the Responsive Support From the Gen-Tech Team

Our team of EGSA certified technicians understand the difficult position hospitals and healthcare facilities are in this fall. We are available 24/7/365 to answer your questions and provide the system maintenance and repair services your patients depend on. We maintain a team of three highly qualified technicians available any time of day or night to answer your call.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our team about the ways we are prepared to meet your health facilities’ backup power needs. We are happy to answer your questions and recommend systems that will deliver the lifesaving electricity your patients’ lives depend on.

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