Gearing Up for Special Events This Summer

As vaccination centers across the state get into gear, many people are beginning to turn their eyes from the tragedy of the past to the triumphs of the future. As vaccination rates climb, it’s a sure bet that restrictions on gatherings will gradually subside, and in the near future, may be a distant memory. With most gatherings in Arizona and elsewhere limited to less than 50 people right now, there is every possibility that weddings and other special events will go forward as spring becomes summer. If you are among the many people planning to celebrate after months of rolling lockdowns, now is the right time to secure a special event generator for rent before they are all gone.

Choose the Right Size

Size is critical when it comes to choosing a special event generator for rent. If your generator is too small, it won’t provide the power you need. If it is too large, you will waste fuel.

At Gen-Tech, we offer a wide range of special event generators. Our 20KW to 240KW rentals are perfect for operating computers, credit card machines, lights, and speakers for small concerts. If you are hosting a wedding, birthday party, retirement celebration, or other small event with close friends and family, these generators should be more than sufficient for your needs.

We also offer 250KW to 450KW mobile generator systems. These are designed for conferences, conventions, large concerts, fairs, trade shows, and other large events. The team at Gen-Tech can help you identify the best size for your needs and desired power output.

Hire Professionals for Installation, Maintenance, and Removal

Mobile power generator systems are tough and durable. However, they do require proper setup, maintenance, and removal. If they are placed on uneven ground, set up in an area prone to flooding, or improperly connected/disconnected, they can cause serious injury or death.

When you select a special event generator for rent from Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, our teams will install, maintain, and remove the generator for you. All you have to do is tell us when you need the generator and where you will host the event. We will work closely with you to ensure that all the logistics come together to create a seamless and reliable power supply for your event. From the moment you schedule a special event generator for rent to the moment the generator is attached to the truck or trailer for removal, we will provide 24/7 support.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists for more information about the mobile power generator systems we offer. It is our pleasure to help you choose the ideal special event generator to rent for your needs.

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